Saturday, May 23, 2020

I was doing All the Things !

Well, almost all of the things.  I have been busy for the past few weeks with crafts, reading and doing things to challenge my brain.  I have a daily-theme crossword app that I visit every day.  It's not a tough crossword puzzle by any means but I'm learning trivia and I love trivia !

Long Overdue

I am years overdue for making an afghan.  Every January I tell myself "For sure I'm making an afghan...)  I started this Granny Striped Blanket the other day and it's fun.  I found several skeins of acrylic yarns in my stash that were sort of in the same color scheme so why not.  There is no rhyme or reason to my matching these stripes.  This blanket will strictly go by my mood or vibes and I will hook it as I see fit.  Instead of doing two rows and changing colors I'm going to change if and when I feel like making a change.  Not much about this Afghan will be uniform.  It's going to be very hodgy-podgy.

I was inspired by Lefty-Crafter by her Lapgham post to try a motif.  I love motifs so I thought I would try.  One try turned into one type then another then another until I laid the yarn down.  One actually came out pretty decent but I was still not satisfied.  I will try another day.  Practice makes perfect.

On Books

I'm the last two weeks I have read one book, one novella and listened to a relatively short audiobook.  The first book The Dreamers was amazing.  The writing was pretty good, the development of the characters and their lives was pretty good.  A couple of my friends had recommended the book to me without really telling me about the book.  Guess what.  It's about a pandemic but the virus is more of a sleep virus.  That alone hooked me to the story.  So much of the author's pandemic is like the pandemic we are going through.  Karen Thompson Walker covered her pandemic well. It is an interesting read and I would recommend this book especially since it is not a long one to get through.

Midnight Son I would recommend to anyone.  This short story is set in Alaska and is about a native named Teddy Smith that had branched away from what his town was use to.  Teddy Smith actually got into show business and was respected by his town until an unfortunate event happens.  Teddy is not the main character but the the author is. James Dommek jr. who sets out to find out exactly what happened with Teddy Smith that caused Smith to get into trouble.  James Dommek jr. investigates and interviews everyone that he can as he is seeking the spiritual and non-spiritual explanation of the incident.  I won't say anymore except this story holds my heart and is definitely worth reading.

So Long Lollipop was a Kindle book that was given to me for free.  I will accept almost any free book even if it isn't what I usually read.  The story is relatively short, well written and about zombies.  If you're into zombies I would recommend this one.  it's typical in that the human characters are always fighting the zombies.  This is the first part of Ms. Fleming's zombie series.  I hope to find another interesting read this weekend.  


As an adult getting back into coloring I feel new to it.  It's not flowing yet.  I am using Crayola's watercolor markers (set of 20).  They bleed and the tips are round.  I have a set of Crayola pencils but I'm thinking I will need a more professional set.  To be honest I have never colored with pencils.  I will try as the coloring is fun and tests my patience though.

Pretty intense huh !

Good thing I checked...

I was going to post these socks on Friday but when I put them on the sock blockers I discovered that the cables were incorrect on one of the feet.  It was above the heel so the foot and heel had to be taken down.  Arrrrgh !  There's no rush to have them or work on them so into the TBC (to be completed) pile they go.

The cables are supposed to look like this throughout but somehow I got off track

As you can see these cables are short.  Not acceptable !  I have work to do.

I have more all the things but I'll share the next time I post.

Enjoy Your Weekend !

Thursday, May 14, 2020

Happy Medium

Don't laugh but just a few months ago I began looking into and collecting a few mini-skeins. The intrigue began a couple of years ago with the Granny Striped Blanket on Instagram.   The majority of people were using mini-skeins and the projects were so pretty !  I found mini-skeins on Etsy of course.  I don't know why certain things need to make sense to me but I did not understand the mis-match sets of mini-skeins.  The sets would have something like three skeins with green in them then the next few skeins might be a orange and black, another might be grey and blue.  I could not make myself buy any sets because of they were so mis-matched.  I noticed that some of the knitting Youtubers would have an entire shelf or big basket of what looked to be over 100 mini-skeins.  Loads and loads of unmatched, mis-matchy mini-skeins.  I watched one knitter's shelf for almost 20 episodes and the skeins never moved then I figured they must be for decoration.  Okay.  I can see that.  Funny thing when she needed particular colors for a project she had to order more mini-skeins since none of her skeins were suited for the project.  I think at some point mini-skeins were a fad.  I do remember when many were trading mini-skeins for projects.  That had to be lots of fun.  Sometimes the prices are a bit scary for the packets though.  I ran across a seller who had five skein packs for $55.00.  This morning I came across a set of 24 mini-skeins that were matched pretty well but the price was close to $200.00 !  When you divide it up it makes sense but my goodness ! Who would ever think that a person (me) would be so anal about little bundles of yarn ?  I resolved my issues with the mis-matchy packs though.  Now I purchase singles.  You can get the exact colors that you want.   I have bought a few sets that I am really happy with though.  By the way.  What's your relationship with mini-skeins ?  Do you use them ?  Finding them useful ?

These are not mine.  This photo is off the internet.

My most recent order

I received this set the other day.  Isn't it pretty and all of the colors make sense.  I don't have a clue as to what it's going to be yet.  The maker sent a bonus skein that pretty much matches the set and a cute marker !

Aren't they gorgeous !

I am a happy girl !

This Weekend

I would like to start a new book, pick up a small crochet project, perhaps color and watching television of course.

Enjoy !I

Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Wednesday Thoughts and Work

Photo by Terry Blas

Nothing much going on these days.  I have been home from the hospital for over a week now recuperating I guess and trying to get use to how my life has changed so suddenly.  I'm wrapping my mind around it all but keeping in mind of who I am.  I am Carolyn the woman who is a strong and positive woman.  I've been fighting battles since I was a girl so I am not unfamiliar with obstacles.  I can do this.  I have to do this... 

I'm the meantime...

My WIP this week is another pair of gloves providing there is enough yarn for fingers otherwise they may be fingerless or those with the chopped off this of fingers.  We shall see.  I said I was not going to make another pair without a pattern but I had an idea you see.  If I make another pair this year I will do an actual pattern.  A couple of posts ago I showed this yarn in color.  It's really pretty and a very bright orange.  This time around I just couldn't get the photo right.  Between the Orange looking a neon and the shadows I decided to post this without color.  I have a goal to complete these by Sunday, Monday,Tuesday...

Is it me or has Blogger gone bonkers ?

I'm only asking because my Blogger page is funny looking with not much details.  It has funny looking symbols that I have not seen before but don't understand.  It's probably only with my blog but ugh anyway.  

Enjoy the rest of your week !

Saturday, May 9, 2020

A Bit of Happiness

I must say Son and Daughter-in-law are giving my little Grands a lovely life.  Since the birth of my first grand in 2016 I've been sent photos, updates and videos sometimes daily and for sure weekly.  Though they live across the United States they have brought great joy to me.  I adore them.  My Son works a lot of hours but as soon as he gets home he is reading to them.  Most mornings before he wakes the Grands spend time on the sofa going through their favorite books.  So cute !  It's like a book club for toddlers.

These babies will be turning 1, 2, 3 and 4 this year

Their home has acreage so my Grands love all nature.  There are horse farms down the road.

The Daughter-in-law says she may start them with gardening this year.  So cute when kiddies garden.

These flowers were from my Son and Daughter-in-law when I was in hospital.  When I left I donated them.

Enjoy Your Weekend Everyone !

Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Back to our nation...

Georgia was number #2 with Covid illnesses and possible deaths in the U.S.A but now since Governed Kemp lifted the quarantine order other states are now following with opening back up.  Tough times for those whose livelihood are small businesses.  Georgia had so many successful businesses that are being destroyed and all things are faltering for them.  Over the last week CNN was doing reports on various salons, spas, hair salons and restaurants questioning the safety precautions set for the guests coming in.  Nothing they said was good enough for me and unfortunately the days of dining out, going to get the hair and nails done going to spa are all luxuries at this point.  For us these things are not essentials but for the businesses it is their bread and butter.  This makes me so sad because no matter what people will begin to have their cars repossessed and their homes foreclosed upon.  I have been seeing solicitations by Bankruptcy attorneys telling people to use their stimulus checks to file bankruptcy.  I have thoughts on this of course but times are crazy and even though my family and I are fine I must get too upset about the financial destruction of others.  Heartbreaking.

I am still in hospital but should be leaving within days.  This hospital is wonderful in all ways.  All levels of professionals have been giving excellent care and service.  I've decided.  This will be my main hospital.

Given to me by the staff here.  Things that I love.

I brought a project with me but didn't get to start on it until Sunday.  I have the entire cuff done.  Yea !  We'll see how far I can get in a few days.  I'll keep ya' posted.

Enjoy Your Week !

Sunday, April 19, 2020

To My Surprise...

Since the last week in February I have hardly set foot even on the front porch to avoid Covid.  Wouldn't ya' know that I not only had to leave the house but had to be admitted into the hospital last night. So much for my quarantine plan.  I'm here for a non-covid ailment.  I'm in a non-covid building / area and was told there are only 10 patients on this floor.  I haven't seen one patient only staff.  This place is like a ghost town.  The breakfast was ghastly but my lunch of Masala Chicken, steamed asparagus and mashed potatoes was primo !  I love the professionalism of this place and they have really good coffee.  Everyone seems so happy which makes the stay easier.

I do have a knitting project with me just in case I find myself in the mood.

Enjoy Your Week !

Friday, March 20, 2020

Just Hanging Around

The Conversation with My Physician

My original appointment was around the end of February.  I rescheduled for the next week then rescheduled again and again then called to say I would call them when I was coming in.  The receptionist picked up on something when I asked her what were they doing about the patients that cough in the lobby and treatment room.  When I thought about the question later I had to admit that it was a strange one but the receptionist told me the front office staff and nurses were working on getting ahead of the coughing patients.  I didn't know what that meant exactly and didn't ask.  I was just happy to get out of the appointment again.  The next day my physician called to ask how I was doing.  I confessed to him that I had not been outside for almost a month and was afraid to go to his office because someone is always coughing.  There are many nurses and many patients in his building and since my immune system is not the strongest right now I will not be visiting his office.  I apologized about the cancellations.  He told me he didn't care about the cancellations he just wanted to make sure that I was okay and to make sure I had everything I needed because he could have someone pick up whatever I wanted and drop it off.  The man is gold.  He told me that I was being smart and  should continue staying home.  What's really interesting is that he says they are working on cutting back appointments in hopes of having no patients scheduled in the next week or so.  Wow.

I hope the next time I post this coloring page it will be completed.  Ya' know, I think adult coloring is harder than a child coloring.  It's certainly not carefree.  Not for me anyway.  I want as close to perfection as possible and that takes a lo of color planning and patience.


This week I started a fair isle hat.  It's the Schuyler hat which is not such a popular pattern but it's free, out of worsted yarn and on a size US 7 needle.  The hat has been going fast and smooth.  I'm using the same yarns as I did for my fair isle gloves.  Just testing my patience again...

Well back to my sofa life.  Enjoy your weekend !