Friday, October 4, 2013

FO Friday. Look What I Found !

I’ve been doing my fall cleaning for over the past week.  I took all shoes and clothes out of my closet then vacuumed and shampooed the carpet.  I got down on my knees and scrubbed the baseboards and washed the walls.  This only happens once a year for my closets (if that) because I’m a busy girl !

Literally I had a hill…no.  I had a tiny mountain…no.  I’ll say that I had a mound of clothes and other accessories on my bed and while dividing the summer items from the fall/items I came across a few pieces of clothing that I had forgotten all about.  Like 9 pieces of clothing.  This doesn’t even include the new shoes I’d forgotten.  Some of them were summer items and some were fall and all had price tags on them and the shoes were still in the boxes.  It was like I had my own private mall.  All things were from Macy’s, Belk’s and Old Navy.  Really now, what does this mean when a woman finds tagged items in her closet that she had forgotten about ?  Does this mean said woman is shopping too much ?  Hmmm, I really had to think about this and you know what ?  I think the Woman is just fine.  She just needs to check her closet more often.  Yes.  That’s it.  There, problem solved.  
I went to my other closet which use to be 100% knitting space but has somehow changed to 45% knitting and 55% clothes and I cleaned that closet also.  I straightened out all yarn in their boxes and drawers and you know what,  I found some sort-of-forgotten yarn.  In other words, I am remembering my yarn a lot more than the clothes and shoes I buy.  This makes perfect sense to me.  
In one of the drawers I found my Fetching mitts that I had completed long ago.  They were just sitting there with strings dangling, a little wrinkled from being squished and just begging to be noticed, blocked and worn.  I listened and I blocked and added the completed Fetching photo to My Ravelry page.
Pattern:   Fetching
Yarn:        Creative Focus Worsted by Nashua Handknits in
                  Carolina Blue
Needles:   US 6


Shame on Me because this is the photo that has been sitting on my Ravelry page for ages and I had it checked as completed.  Tsk…tsk… 

As I remember, I made them to go with this Dogwood hat.

So, I confess.  Today is FO Friday and though these Fetching’s have been done for a while, I am posting the completed photo for the first time.  You have to give me a pass on this.  Okay ? 
Have a Wonderful weekend !!!


Babajeza said...

:-) Happy weekend!

katie metzroth said...

You're inspiring me to clean out my closet! Thanks.
Love the blue mitts! They are fetching. :)

Jazz said...

Lovely mittens!

Spinster Beth said...

Oooh, I love your bar-of-shawls on the right-hand side!

I was scrounging for some yarn the other day, with which to make legwarmers, and found three entire skeins of 100% wool that I had completely forgotten about. It was like Christmas came early!

Andria said...

I love the fetching pattern, but maybe they beg to be mistreated? I only ever made one and then forgot about it......I should really look for the one I finished!

Sarah Ronchetti said...

Your mitts look great! I love finding things that I really do love but had just forgotten about!

Thanks for visiting my blog :)

madameknitter1 said...

Those look very soft.

Cat said...

I wondered what happened to those. Very nice.