Tuesday, October 8, 2013

A Wonderful Resale Find


Hello Everyone,
I haven't done much today.  I've read a bit, cleaned a bit and did some knitting.  I was in the mood for a coffee-house coffee I headed out to Starbucks and since Goodwill is right down the road...  There really wasn't much in there today.  Not for me anyway but the book section was loaded with a bunch of new cookbooks, math books and craft books.  I immediately grabbed these two knitting books.  Yes they are older books but You know what ?  I actually had them back home in Michigan.  I remember loaning them out with a few of my magazines and another book to another knitter but then she fell off the face of the earth.  I never heard from her again and since my life was a little crazy before I left I never got my things back.  So You can imagine my delight when I ran into these.  Oh happy day !!!
I may never, ever knit one single thing from these books but it's really the principle You know.  I had the books, they were taken and now I have them back again and they are mine...mine...mine.

Enjoy the rest of Your day.




Sheila said...

Good score. I've had the luck of getting a few knitting books from my thrift spot too.

Two Cables and a Frapp said...

Thanks Sheila !

autumngeisha said...

I remember that Debbie Bliss book fondly. I think I loaned it to my sister, who never returned it. Will have to check my local Goodwill for books now.

madameknitter1 said...

I had forgotten all about that Debbie Bliss book. I usually only run into very old knitting magazines at resale and I don't buy them.

Cat said...

I love garage sales also.