Wednesday, November 19, 2014

My Son's Nakniswemo Sweater ~ WIP Day

Last week I was blog hopping and came across a few NAKNISWEMO posts and remembered I promised myself to participate in the NAKNISWEMO KAL in 2012 which didn't happen.  Then I promised myself in 2013 and no.  It didn't happen.  So 2014 Here I Am !  I'm doing it !

Yes I know I've got other projects to finish up but I need to do this okay ?  I was planning to eek out a sweater for my Son as a holiday gift so there here I go.

The pattern is from a Patons booklet that I've had for years.  The booklet is in the Ravelry database but for some reason this sweater is not included on Ravelry.  It's called Reverse Stripes Pullover.  I'm using Cascade 220 - Superwash in black, grey and a lighter gray.  As you can see the pattern is an easy peasy.

Wish me luck because I really want to successfully do this NAKNISWEMO.

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

WIP Wednesday SOCKS and a FREE Pattern !

This pattern is called Another Faery by Bea John which is written for a DK yarn.  I have loads of worsted.  Loads and loads of fingering but hardly any DK so I went out and bought 3 skeins of Patons Classic Wool DK in this blue.  As you know, all Patons Classic Wools are work horse yarns.  They are sturdy, reliable and not so soft but I have always liked them.  I'm pretty sure I've never cabled socks before and though I have no fear of any cable at some point the tediousness and redundancy of doing these cables on three tiny needles while working in a circle had me going crossed eyed and I found myself asking... "What was I thinking ?".  I would label these socks as an easy-peasy with some sweating involved.  I'm much further along than these photos as I have one complete sock done and the cables done for the other.  The needle size is reasonable for a intricate cable sock.  US 2 which if I ever make these again I will use a US 2 for the ribbing but move up to a US 3 for the cables.  Why did I forget that I'm a tight knitter.  Thank goodness for blocking because any snugness will be taken care of after these hit the water.

My !  What Gigantic Feet You have My Dear !
Yes.  I have feet.  Big feet I guess.  I wear a size 10 but I swear no matter which socks I make they always look like they belong to a giant.  These are the Easy Peasy Socks for First Time Knitters by Stacey Trock (we all know the pattern).  Since the pattern is written for those that haven't knitted socks or many socks there are pages and pages of instructions.  Maybe 3 or 4 which all get in the way if you have knitted any type of sock before.  I really only needed to keep the page with her heel instructions.  Call me crazy but I would swear there must be one million and one variations of the heel.

Easy Peasy alright.  Worsted yarn.  Size US 5 needle.  Perfecto for a quick sock !

I swear to you these measure only 9.25 inches from heel to toe.  Don't let this photo fool you.
The Free Pattern
This is the Uber Zag Edged Scarf by Laurel Brandt.  The pattern normally runs for $4.00 but it's free until November 8th.  I found this on FaceBook.  There is no code so you have to put it into your CART.  Make sure you double check that it's in your Library because the first time I put it into my cart it didn't load.  Oh.  Did I mention that this is FREE... FREE... FREE ? 
What's that ?  Oh.  You're Welcome.
Enjoy Your Week !

Monday, November 3, 2014

A Snafu in the Midst

It dawned on me this morning that I had posted about my making this Classic Collar Cardigan with Straight Sleeves by Patons to my Two Cables Facebook page and to my Two Cables Twitter page but I had not posted the information here.  In any case, I started this sweater over a week ago out of Lion Brand's Homeland yarn which is a 100% acrylic (don't scream) but this cardi is for work to go over my scrubs on those chilly shifts.  Since at any given moment someone may puke or urinate on me I think this will work.  The pattern is out of the Patons: Next Steps Three booklet.  All of the Patons booklets are super easy but I buy them because I have been collecting Paton's booklets for a while.  This cardigan is so easy you could do it blindfolded.  You didn't even need a pattern really.  Everything looked alright and I followed the directions to a T but sewing it up this weekend I saw a difference in the armhole and sleeve cap.  No.  I should say there is a significant difference being about 4 inches. Not a big deal though.  I will just take the sleeves down right before the point of decrease and work from there.  I wonder if anyone else posted about this.  The Ravelry forum posts always give good information but who would have thunk this would happen. 

I am pleased with the depth of the armholes.  The pattern called for a bulky yarn but I used worsted and made it a size larger.  So instead of a medium bulky it's a large worsted.  My gauge came out good.

Forgive the dumpiness of the above photo.  I took it in my PJs determined to do a post today.  Also, forgive my shameless Facebook & Twitter plugs.  lol...
I love this sweet and simple cardigan.  I don't know if I'll ever do it in a bulky but I will probably need another one for work.
Anyway.  Toodles to Everyone and have a wonder week !

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Three Things. Well Four.

Hello There ! 
It's been a while and almost impossible to take out the time and post to my beloved blog but here I am !  I'm doing it. 
I won't fib and say that I haven't been online because I am online everyday in some form of fashion.  Whether it's via cellphone or PC.  The truth is I have been allowing the other media's to hog my time.  You know them as Facebook (the worse), Twitter, Ravelry and I'm sure there is another or two.  In any case, my poor little knitting blog has had to suffer.  You understand I'm sure.  I have wondered with the popularity of Facebook and Twitter just how many of our knitting blogs have had to go without postings for month after month. 
Next year.  2015 is going to be different.  There will be more posting and knitting (I hope).
Okay.  That was Thing #1
A Glorious Gift ~ Thing #2
A couple of months ago just out of the blue I received a package in the mail.  When I squeezed it I knew right away it was yarn but how ?  I hadn't bought anything from any fellow Raveler.  What ?  Well, Ellen from the Ellen Report for no reason except that she is a sweetie sent this skein of Madelintosh Lace in the colorway Forestry !  Yea.  I said the same thing.  Wow !  Again I Thank You Ellen.  How sweet and she has a very fun blog. 

Another Glorious Gift ~ Thing 3

Another great Gift from this time from Tien of Autumn Geisha who by the way has a lovely blog.  She gifted me the  Diagonapples Scarf / Shawl and isn't it amazing.  I'm absolutely in love and immediately put it in my queue now.  What fun deciding which color scheme to go with.  Any ideas ?

Lastly we have Thing #4
I don't know whether I've mentioned this before but I do a lot of resale shopping.  When I say a lot I mean a lot of lot.  Anyway a couple of weeks ago I stopped by one of my favorite places and picked up all these magazines and the pricing was ridiculous.  It was something like 20 cents for the first magazine then 5 cents for each one after that.  Yes.  Basically free.  Only a few of them I already had and I have cut back on my hardcopies a great deal because they take up so much room but honestly there is nothing like cracking open a book or magazine.  Nothing at all.

Well that's it for now.  I hope to post some projects in a few days.  I've been knitting and knitting and only need to block a few or assemble another few before I post them.
Enjoy Your Week All !

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

I've been under the Work rock again...

All I can say is that my work schedule has kept me away from almost all things I love.  Things are settling down now and I have a few items to share with you.  Mainly gifts I've received from some very sweet crafters.

Stay tuned and enjoy Your Week !

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

WIP Wednesday ~ A Baby Cardigan

These days I’ve been working on the Hatchling Cardigan and I’m having a ball.  The pattern is as clear as a bell and easy-peasy.  I started on this just a couple of days ago and will be finished soon.
I haven't made a baby item in a while.  My first Cousin and his Wife just had a beautiful baby girl and that got me going.  I'm not sure whether I will be giving this particular cardi to her but I have a few patterns printed for baby girls and I've purchased yarn also.  Fun !

Have a Great Day All !

Friday, July 11, 2014

FO Friday ~ Luv & More Luv

Oh my goodness what can I say.  I absolutely love how this shawl turned out.  When I posted this as an FO last week I was at odds about the trimming.  I looked at motifs and lace edgings but I really wanted something simple so I went for a small ruffle edging.

After the shawl part was done I simply double crocheted around the entire edging of the shawl then I started another double crochet row but every three stitches I did two dc's in one stitch and this created my ruffle.  After that row I simply did another double crochet row and there you have it.  It's the perfect size for me.  Not too big and not small at all.  Like I said...  LUV !

The pattern is The Original Half Granny Shawl by
Ambar Enid Alcalá which is free by the way.

The yarn is Malabrigo Lace in the colorway Shocking Pink.

I used crochet hook size G.

I would love to make another one of these with an even thinner lace and a smaller needle.  I think crochet stitches done on small hooks is just so pretty. 

I'll be pulling out more of my Malabrigo lace also.  I really enjoyed working with it.  Oh yes.  I have plans.

Enjoy Your Day !