Friday, April 11, 2014

FO Friday

Well I finished my dishcloths some days ago and I simply love them.  These are part of a house warming package and I'm sure the receiver will be pleased.  The pattern is Circle Cloth from Hakucho and they are quite fun to make.  I've looked at this pattern over the years and always thought the circles were cables but no.  No cables are  needed for this pattern.

I used the self-striping Lily Sugar & Cream yarns so I didn't really need t use two colorways for the dishcloths.

The Colorway Mod Stripes

Colorway Country Stripes

Colorway Lime Stripes

I love this pattern.  I'm not sure how soon I would make these again but I recommend these to all.

Anyway, on to more knitting.  Enjoy Your Weekend !

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

WIP Wednesday

Nothing much going on in these neck of the woods.  I was just about done with my cardigan then ran out of yarn.  I went to the Michael's here in town only to find out that they are out of the colorway I'm using.  I was out of town yesterday and stopped at a Joann Fabric and to my surprise they didn't carry the yarn at all.  The town I was in didn't have a Michael's so I will either have to wait for my Michael's to re-order or re-stock the colorway or hopefully when I go out of town again (to another town) I will be able to get a skein. 

I picked up a few skeins of Sugar'n Cream in three different colorways and I am making a house warming gift.  I am using Hakucho's Circle Cloth pattern which I have adored and coveted making for years now.  Finally I'm doing it and enjoying them.  The pattern is not what I expected at all.  Somehow I thought the Hexagon stitch was done with cables but it isn't. 

The colorways I've chosen so far are self-striping and very pretty.  The striping isn't too close together which is nice for a change.

I'm contemplating making a drying towel (much bigger) also.  We'll see.

Enjoy Your Day !

Friday, March 21, 2014

FO Friday

 I haven't worked on any significant projects over the past couple of months but I have knocked out quite a few smaller projects.  I have actually completed a few projects for Holiday 2014.  The decision was made to take off some of the pressure that comes along with holiday knitting by starting early with the gifts.  I hope to do one small project a month minimum.

These are the Feather Lace Boot Toppers and I loved working on these.  This is a quick and satisfying project.  I used the cream color Lion Brand Fisherman's Wool with US 7 and 8 needles. 

This is just a plain old garter stitch scarf but in the really pretty Lion Brand Amazing.  I used 2.5 skeins with US 6 needle.  The colorway is #213.  I may have a hard time giving this one away.

This is an open stitched scarf done in Noro Silk Garden #309.  I added a little ruffle on the ends.  This is done on US 8 needles.

Here is another garter stitch scarf with yarn overs.  As you can see I tried to do a little flower pattern within the scarf but it doesn't show as well.  Next time I will use a larger size needle.  This is done on US 9.  The yarn is Lion Brand Tweed Stripes.  I have used two skeins in the colorway Caribbean.
Another garter stitch scarf done in 3 skeins of Loops & Threads in cream.  I used US 13 needles.  This is a really long and oh-so-soft scarf. 
A skinny garter stitch scarf for a co-worker.  The yarn is Lion Brand's Fisherman's Wool in beige.  She brought in the yarn and told me she wanted a skinny scarf but not too plain.  There is something about this colorway that is a bit rough and itchy compared to the beige.  It would drive me crazy to wear it around my neck but she loves it.  It works for her.

I hope to post my little card next week.  Hopefully I will have all of the finishing done.
Have a Great Weekend !

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

A Quick Cardi

I haven't been up to too much in the past couple of months.  I've been working as usual, reading and doing a bit of knitting.  Much of the knitting has been smaller projects and most of those projects are for the Holiday in 2014.  This year I plan on being better prepared.  I will post some of those projects on FO Friday.

For now this is a little top-down cardi that I'm working on for the spring.  The pattern is Gilet court d'été by Marie Adeline Boyer and it's an easy-peasy. 

Happy Knitting All !

Friday, January 17, 2014

Blogger is my Buddy Again !

and I'm happy about it !  I've been trying for the past few weeks to put photos on here and just as I was done trying voila !  I can post photos. 

I'm behind but here are just a few of items that I've probably talked about before but have never posted these photos.

This is the Cables that don't Cable Hat in Lion Brand Amazing.  Colorway Olive Medley.

The Baktus Scarf to match in Lion Brand Amazing also in Olive Medley

These are the Long Flap Fingerless Mitts (Worsted version) for my Son.  I have no idea which yarn.

The Double Twist Hat done in Loops & Threads Charisma.  The colorway is Chocolate Cupcake.

The Mochi Chunky Chevron Hat also in Loops & Threads Charisma.  Colorway Black Raspberry.

This is a skinny scarf I made for my knitting group hostess.  The yarn is Debbie Bliss Pure Cashmere.

This is a scarf that will probably end up being mine.  It's garter stitch also but no frills at the end.  The yarn is Pacific Chunky by Cascade Yarns and the colorway is Ruby.
The Unoriginal done in Premier Chunky in Blue

Another Unoriginal done in Premier Chunky in off-white

The last Unoriginal done this time Premier Yarns Serenity in pink
Lets all keep our fingers crossed that Blogger will allow me to post more items soon. 
Enjoy the rest of your day !

Friday, December 13, 2013

Bad Ju-Ju

I've been trying since early this morning to post my FOs and Blogger just won't behave.  I can't move my photos around, some of the photos are staying gigantic and won't size down among a few of the problems.  I've tried several times and I'm throwing my hands up for now.  So I guess my FO post next week will be photo-heavy.

In any case, have a great weekend Y'all.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

WIP Wednesday

I'm a happy knitter these days as I have only a few more gifts to make.  I'm still sewing up seams and nipping strings and blocking my completed gifts but I hope to post most of them this Friday.

My WIP for today is the Baktus Scarf for my Aunt which I've done in Lion Brand Amazing.  The colorway is Olive Medley and I'm loving the way this is turning out.  It looks like I'll be using just over a skein (147 yards) for this. 

I actually started a set of fingerless gloves last night for another family member but there isn't enough of them to show really.

I took a day break from gift knitting to make these.  I was going through some of my stash and found a small ball of pink yarn.  There was so little of it that I started to toss it but that stash-hoarding voice inside my head said.. "No.  Make a baby hat".  I started the hat then took it down and did these booties.  Now, I have no idea who they are going to but man did I need that time away from my gifts !

The pattern is Baby Booties by Michelle of Ooo Baby Knits.  An easy-peasy pattern that can be made in less than a day.  I modified them a bit.  The pattern calls for more garter starting at about the ankle but I only did the garter stitch on the bottom.

The yarn is Bernat is Baby Softee in Pink Marl.  I used a size 2 needle. 

Well.  I'm off to visit blogs.  Enjoy Your Day !