Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Happiness in My little Crafting World...

A Short Post

This isn't the best photo of my sock-in-progress (bad photo color contrast).  I am happy and pleased with this combination of Patons Flax and the Lion Brand Lemon Drop.  The Flax colorway picks up the Browns in the Lemon Drop.  The pattern chosen is Vanilla Latte.

One sock down and one to go. 

I discovered on August 13th that Instagram has been having a Granny Square Day for the last three years or so.  Did any of you ever participate ?  I hardly ever crochet but found myself madly searching for the perfect yarn that would photograph well and move smoothly over my aluminum hook.   I have plenty of scrap cottons and bamboo yarns but I chose a Noro Kureyon  colorway 102.  A nice simple square and the best thing about this square was I didn't need to change colors.  

I've missed Granny Square Day the last few years but next year I'm there!  Check out the #Grannysquareday, #Grannysquareday2017, #Grannysquareday2016, #Grannysquareday2015 tag's on Instagram.  They're all so pretty.

Have a Good Day.  Talk to you soon !

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Knitting and Gardening WIPs

August already can you believe it.  Four months and 2017 will be no more !  Speaking of August I've chosen this Patons Kroy in the colorway Flax as a trimming for my August socks.  Patons sock yarn is a guilty pleasure of mine.  Some of my knitting buddies snub it but it knits up really nice.  

I was compelled to choose a nice cable pattern but decided to do another vanilla pair.  I've chosen Yellow as the main color and the pattern worked will be Vanilla Latte.  

In between working on my socks I'm sneaking in a couple of holiday gifts.  I don't need a pattern.  This is a 2X2 rib done on US 6s.  I will make two or three with little cousins in mind or for other relatives in case I need extra gifts.  I learned this trick a few years ago.

It's interesting going from US2s to US6s.  Feels like I'm knitting with oars.

Now about my garden

My pink hydrangea have taken a few steps backwards.   Not only was it not thriving in the garden but it caught something so the leaves were covered with spots.  I cut off the diseased leaves dug it up and planted it in a large pot.  It actually looks brighter and happier.

I mentioned a few posts ago about purchasing the half dead Bee-balm (Monarda).  It is thriving somewhat but not at all how I'd hoped for.  There are new leaves which are bright but the plant hasn't grown much.    I'm getting the feeling the Bee-Balm doesn't like Georgia clay. 

When I lived in Michigan Bee-Balm was one of my favorite plants.  It was hearty and invasive  but not in my Georgia garden.  I'll dig it up and pot it this week.  Everything else in my garden is doing fine.

The snippets of blue hydrangea are coming along slowly but surely.   They've done so well I'm sure I'll be gifting them to neighbors

Have a Happy rest of the week.  Back to my knitting...

Thursday, July 27, 2017

July Socks Done Just in Time

I'm right in line with the BoxoSoxKal2017.   It's the seventh month and this is my seventh pair.  I wanted something that wasn't so Vanilla-y but with a pattern but not a heavy pattern.  I chose the Olympian Sock by Sharon Giles.  The yarn is Heritage Sock Solid by Cascade Yarn done on US 2.

I've always worked better under pressure so I'm thrilled, having a ball with this Kal.  It looks as though I'm actually going to churn out 12 pairs this year.

This weekend I have plans to go through my stash and figure out which yarns I'll be sacrificing for Holiday gifts.  I've made a list in my mind already.  More goals, more pressure but at least I'm knitting gifts earlier this time around. 

Sunday, July 9, 2017

BoxoSoxKal2017 Update

Happy July Everyone !

Well we're just over halfway through the year and through the BoxoSoxKal2017.  Is there anyone else in this KAL ?  I'm having lots of fun and enjoying the challenge.  If anyone had said to me five years ago that I'd be making a pair of socks each month well... I would have laughed in their face.   My plan was to stay a pair of socks ahead but so far I haven't been able to.  I still have time.  I was at six pairs at the sixth month now I'm hoping to squeeze in another pair between July and August.   We'll see.

These are the socks I completed in June.  The pattern is Travel Socks by Diane Lyles.
The yarn is Memories by Knit Picks.  The colorway is Spring Prarie done on US 4s. I had the one skein with 220 yards and wasn't sure if there would be enough so I used left-over Cherry Tree Hill DK for the toes.  I enjoyed making these.  This is an easy-peasy quick sock pattern.

We're already going into the second week of July and I've not chosen a sock pattern yet.  I better get on it !  I'm thinking of something a little less vanilla this time.


Tuesday, June 27, 2017

I can't be the only One

This is a poster I and many knitters put on our Instagram and Facebook pages making light of the stress we go through before the Holidays.  It is quite funny when you think about it.  We knit, crochet and craft all year long yet two and a half months before December we’re sweating bullets to get those gifts done on time.  I’m laughing as I type this.  I did fairly well last year with not as much rush knitting before the Christmas.  I resolved this year to be different though.  I should have began gift knitting the beginning of June but it will have to be July.  I'll begin my first Holiday gift the first week of July.  Yes.


I love Holiday socks and especially Christmas socks !  They’re so cute and put me in the holiday spirit even more.  What I’ve noticed though is knitters seem to have their holiday socks done at the same time.  With projects on and off the needles all year when do knitters begin working on their holiday socks ?  You can laugh but this is all a mystery to me.  I’m determined to become a knitter that organizes and completes her projects within a reasonable timeframe.  Well.  I can try. 

My latest drink

There are many ways to make a parsley cleansing detox but my way is this.  
• Cut up a bunch of parsley
• Slice up a lemon
• Put them both in a pot of 32 oz more or less of spring water
• Boil for approximately ten minutes then drain
• Refridgerate
This is a detox that will help to cleanse the liver and kidneys among other things.  It’s great for clearing up the complexion which promotes youthful looking skin.

In any case have a great and wonderful week !

Friday, June 23, 2017

In My Spare time...

I Garden !  This is another happy place in my heart and I'm spreading a little love with this pot.  It's branch cuttings from an abandoned Blue Hydrangea.  I'm going to plant about six or seven for myself and the rest have been promised to a few of my neighbors.  These cuttings are about a week and a half old and are thriving.  Success is on it's way !

How many times have I gone into Walmart and purchased dying plants ?  A dozen times I'm sure.  This one is a Monarda / Bee Balm and I was oh so excited to get it.  You can find Monarda almost anywhere in the Midwest and I had plenty in all colors in my Michigan garden but here in Georgia the plant is a rarity.  The last time I saw Monarda in Georgia was about ten years ago.  This one is a medium pink and wasn't in the worse shape but needed much trimming.  I have trimmed the roots, repotted it, given it fresh dirt and it's on it's way.  

Poor little Monarda !

I've been working on a small square in the yard and have created a new garden.  I thought I'd calculated my spacing but the plants are quite happy had are spreading very fast.  I know a few of them will have to be moved around soon so they don't choke each other.  I am so dreading that.  In any case, besides planning where they will be moved around to I have to deadhead all of my Shasta Daisies and roses.  

My pink Phlox are just beginning to bloom.  I can't wait.  Phlox is one of my favorites.  A gardening buddy of mine a few towns away tells me that her Home Depot is carrying white Phlox.  I will have to make it over that way in the next few days.  White Phlox would be a lovely addition to my Garden.

Well so much for this Gardening issue.  Everyone have a Great Weekend ! 

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Happy WIP Wednesday !

Happy Belated Father's Day to Everyone !

Well today is WIP day and I'm working from a skein of Sport weight yarn by Knit picks called Memories.   I don't keep up with Knitpicks yarn name.  I know a few but I'd never heard this one.  In any case it's about 220 yards and had been  in my stash for about three years.  I'm on a mission to knit more of my stash sooo...  I have enough to make short socks.  The yarn is very soft and my socks are moving right along.

Happy Middle of the Week to Everyone !