Friday, June 23, 2017

In My Spare time...

I Garden !  This is another happy place in my heart and I'm spreading a little love with this pot.  It's branch cuttings from an abandoned Blue Hydrangea.  I'm going to plant about six or seven for myself and the rest have been promised to a few of my neighbors.  These cuttings are about a week and a half old and are thriving.  Success is on it's way !

How many times have I gone into Walmart and purchased dying plants ?  A dozen times I'm sure.  This one is a Monarda / Bee Balm and I was oh so excited to get it.  You can find Monarda almost anywhere in the Midwest and I had plenty in all colors in my Michigan garden but here in Georgia the plant is a rarity.  The last time I saw Monarda in Georgia was about ten years ago.  This one is a medium pink and wasn't in the worse shape but needed much trimming.  I have trimmed the roots, repotted it, given it fresh dirt and it's on it's way.  

Poor little Monarda !

I've been working on a small square in the yard and have created a new garden.  I thought I'd calculated my spacing but the plants are quite happy had are spreading very fast.  I know a few of them will have to be moved around soon so they don't choke each other.  I am so dreading that.  In any case, besides planning where they will be moved around to I have to deadhead all of my Shasta Daisies and roses.  

My pink Phlox are just beginning to bloom.  I can't wait.  Phlox is one of my favorites.  A gardening buddy of mine a few towns away tells me that her Home Depot is carrying white Phlox.  I will have to make it over that way in the next few days.  White Phlox would be a lovely addition to my Garden.

Well so much for this Gardening issue.  Everyone have a Great Weekend ! 

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Happy WIP Wednesday !

Happy Belated Father's Day to Everyone !

Well today is WIP day and I'm working from a skein of Sport weight yarn by Knit picks called Memories.   I don't keep up with Knitpicks yarn name.  I know a few but I'd never heard this one.  In any case it's about 220 yards and had been  in my stash for about three years.  I'm on a mission to knit more of my stash sooo...  I have enough to make short socks.  The yarn is very soft and my socks are moving right along.

Happy Middle of the Week to Everyone !

Friday, May 26, 2017

My Left Bank

I have been drooling over this patter for over a year but never had the time.  I'm so happy that I laid one project down to work this pattern.  Yes.  It's as easy as it looks.  The pattern and yarn are both by Debbie Stoller.  The yarn is Full O' Sheep which I bought on clearance.  I'm very happy with the result. 

Thursday, May 11, 2017

I'm working on a wardrobe for 18 inch dolls.  I think I used a DK yarn but with size US 2s.  This was quick and fun.

Doll clothes make a great in-between projects

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Swirly Hat

Another Swirl Hat out of a random baby yarn.  This is the second one I've made and I really Like the pattern.

I wonder if I'll be making another one this year.  Hmmm.

Saturday, February 11, 2017

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

A Quick Cowl

This is My Cherry Garcia cowl out of one skein of Lion Brand Tonal.  It's big, soft and warm.  I'm Loving it !