Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Plans and an Improvement

I did not make a lot of socks last year but a few of the pair's had gussets that were a bit tacky looking.  It was all in the way I was picking my stitches up.  I finally took the time and effort to not be in such a hurry.  It made a difference with this pair.  Success so far and it will only get better !

This sock by the way is for the receptionist in my physician's office.  She asked me if I would make her a pair and I could not turn her down.  She has always been sweet to me.  I have seemed her knit-worthy.

I made a shawlette last year and enjoyed it's versatility which made me go into my closet to pull out other shawls and cowls.  They feel so nice and give a completion to whatever outfit I'm wearing if that makes sense.  Wearing shawls and cowls give me the feeling of being hugged all day.

I started with on a shawlette this morning and I can't wait to be hugged by it.

There is quite a bit of garter to this which is wonderful while watching the television.

Have a great week !

Sunday, January 19, 2020

Last Year's addition

My son and daughter-in-law had another baby September 2019.  Mr. J2 was almost  10 lbs.  This is him at just under a month.

Here he is at 3 months

The older siblings.  Ms. E who is three.  Mr. J Who is two and Lil Ms. M who is just over one years old.

Ms. E wore her Christmas dress five days in a row because she likes the way the skirt twirls.

So yes I have four grands and yes they are stair steps.  Pretty much a year apart.  I thought I would introduce them to you since I have plans to make them projects other than hats this year.

My Craft World

I don't have much to report this week in terms of crafting.  I've been working on a few Wips but nothing significant really.  Next week I should have something to show.

Sunday, January 12, 2020

Some Projects are too Cute to Resist

It's been a few years since I crocheted something.  I see cute crocheted projects, I see how advanced the patterns for crocheting is now and how makers are even using good yarns for crocheting not just acrylics like we used when I was crocheting.  In terms of working with yarn I started out crocheting but after picking up knitting I never went back.  When I crocheted the patterns weren't that much of a challenge.  Knitting has always given me some type of challenge.  Crochet or not I did fall in love with this little hat.  I mean who wouldn't love it and besides, it will be perfect for my latest grandson.  It's the Aviator Hat by Sarah Zimmerman.  I would call it an easy peasy project.

One of my ear flaps is a little different from the other.  

Where did Your Crafting begin ?

I'm not referring to the projects they had us do in Art class in school.  I'm talking about the crafting and creativity that came from you.  I think I must have been about 8 years old when I first started making clothes for my Barbie dolls.  I wasn't using material but tissue or napkins and tape.  I would use the tissue as the material then tape together the design.  My Dad was the first one that noticed what I was doing and he was amazed and impressed.  He  went up to Woolworth and purchased needle, thread and remnants for me.  He kept my supply up for me.  I was only interested in creating doll clothes nothing else and as time passed my friends began requesting that I make their dolls clothes also.  they paid me (.50) but because we were kids the pay was never good.

In Junior High I became friends with a family of girls who were into crocheting.  No one could really teach me how because I was left handed but somehow I learned on my own.  I spent many weekends over their house making scarves with the occasional hat.  On a daring day we would attempt to crochet flowers.  Crocheting was so simple back then.  One of my friend's older sisters named Vicky was better at it than we were.  She used these exact pamphlets to make vests.  Would you believe she sold them for $5.00 a piece.  That was around 1971 and even then I thought the price was a bargain.

I had Vicky make this one for me in white.

I also had her make this one for me in white, yellow and orange.  the colors sound wild but hey It was the 70s !

Thinking back to those days of my group and I being teens in the 70s gathering to crochet and craft I don't know whether that was a common thing or not.  It certainly does not seem to be common these days.  We were definitely a special group of young ladies.

So where did your crafting begin and what was the craft ?  Was it something you began by yourself like I did or was it a craft you did with your family.  I would love to hear about it.

Enjoy Your Week !

Friday, January 3, 2020

Crafts and more crafts...

The Conversation in My Head...

what is your true definition of an impulse purchase ?  Is it something that you think you like at that moment so you purchase it ?  Is it buying something because you're in the store and have to buy something ?  The determining factor or me to label an item an impulse buy is whether I keep the item.  In my younger years I was the queen of impulse buying but as time went on I hardly ever impulse but anything.  The reason I'm talking about impulse buying is because after the purchase of these Green Mountain Spinnery yarn I questioned myself.  I was watching a podcast and the hostess made a shawl out of this yarn in the denim color (mine's is the same but the photo looks a bit green).  I said to myself I must have that shawl in that yarn !  I found the yarn then ordered it in pink also then decided that I didn't want the blue yarn in that shawl.  I would find another pattern.  I'm checking myself you see to make sure I didn't slip into an impulse purchase.  Had I purchased the shawl pattern that would have been on impulse but I held back.  I did good because I love this yarn.


I have not sewn anything by machine in a very long while.  I went into shock at Joann's Fabrics last week at how much patterns are these days.  There always seems to be a sale though.  The other thing I noticed was how thin the pattern books were and how few books there were.  There just aren't that many patterns to choose from.  I guest there isn't a market for loads of patterns anymore but it sure seems like it.  Seems like everyone is sewing.  Hmmm...

I like these two patterns and would purchase them in case I begin sewing this year.  Very simple and easy pieces.  I'm not crazy about the gray pants though.  Nope.

My granddaughter who is only three is not yet into the 18 inch dolls but I have a plan to start on the wardrobes this year.  I love crafting doll clothes.

Don't laugh but...

I only read 10 books last year.  It was a busy year for me.  Playing it safe I signed into the Goodreads challenge for only 8 books.  Things have shifted positively for my life recently and if all goes well (and it will) I could actually read triple the 8 books because I will have more time to read.  I will continue to play it safe through and log in much less than I can actually read.  I hate writing plans and numbers down then failing.  I don't mind being a chicken about it.  You can laugh now.

Projects in the Works

I have decided to make my first project of 2020 a crochet project.  In terms of needlework the crochet hook came first for me as a teen while knitting came much later.  I was pretty good at it too.  I made mostly scarves, hats and vests but it was easy.  Now I'm a bit crochet-insecure so I don't see too many crochet projects in my future but I will give it a try.  My gauge tends to be wonky (I think so anyway).  I found the cutest little hat for one of my grands that I started this morning.  I just have to to-do some top stitching then I'll post it.  It's sooo cute !

Talk to You soon.

Enjoy your weekend !

Monday, December 30, 2019

The New Year

Fun Stuff

I don't know why but I am really excited about going into 2020.  I have so many thoughts and plans on how I'd like the year to be and how to execute the plans.  I recently went through 8 weeks of physical therapy and man did that make a difference.  I had a great therapist whose enthusiasm carried over to me.  I am no longer afraid of the surgery I had and I will not let it limit me anymore.  In terms of knitting or should I say crafting I want to craft all of the things !  I want to start sewing again and coloring and crocheting and....  You get the point.

I've been ordering and picking up coloring books, puzzles and little crafty kits for months now in anticipation of the new year.  This photo only shows a few of my purchases.  these are small things to bring me extra happiness !


2020 is in a day or so and I have not decided on a planner yet.  I don't usually have an official planner.  Well I may purchase a small planner but it's never used as a planner but more like a book of budgets and lists that I refer back to when I need it.  A few of the Knitting podcasters that I watch are using planners for their knitting prom so I'm jumping on the band wagon.  I won't be combining my knitting and crafting notes with my life notes though so separate planners it will be.

A lot of knitters/crafters use the Travelers planners.  

I picked up this book at Hobby Lobby.  It's more of a progress keeper though.

Joann Fabrics has big, thick beautiful planners.  They were 50% off last week but I honestly could not figure which one would work for me.  They had loads of stickers for them.  I see people using the stickers but I'm not really feeling them. I can just put a star or a big check mark next to what I've accomplished.  That is what I usually do. 

This planner can be bought online.  It's pretty but mine must be a three-ring binder.  I like the idea of being able to add or subtract my items.


Do you use a planner ?  
Has it made a difference ?  
Is your life planner combined with your craft planner ?


I actually completed all of the projects that I tackled in 2019.  Yes I completed them but posting them is a different story.  Question.  If an item such as a sweater to be blocked over again that sweater is still considered finished right ?

In any case 2020 is upon us.  I'm sending warm wishes, hugs, calm and peace to you and yours for the New Year !

Happy Happy !

Thursday, December 26, 2019

Holiday Gifts 2019

The biggest holiday of the year is over ! Now we can all relax for a while. I had some cooking to do on Christmas but not a lot.  I was able to relax and enjoy myself.  How did your day go ?

I did fairly well with getting all of my gifts completed.  I made eight items total and was able to pull an extra gift (the cabled cowl) from last year to give away.  I made 6 hats a pair of fingerless gloves and this cable scarf for my doctor. It was not hard at all but took up a lot of my knitting time because it was just shy of 70 inches. He was touched and loved the scarf though.  I started my gift knitting July 14, 2019 and if all goes as planned I'd like to begin making gifts in April, 2020.  That way I can take more time to make better quality gifts. It would have been nice to make cowls to go with the hats or to make a couple of fair-isle items such as hats or mittens.  I'm hoping my 2020 would not be as hectic as 2019.  Did you make gifts ? When did you begin and were you able to complete them in time ?  Do you have plans for 2020 to make gifts for family and friends ?

I guess I can take a break from crafting now.  Enjoy the rest of your week !

Monday, December 23, 2019

A Great Holiday to Everyone !

As usual the year went by quickly and soon it's time to begin anew.  I will complete my cooking today so I'll be having a few friends over but all in all it will be a quiet Christmas. 

Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas to you and yours !