Tuesday, October 1, 2013

My Good Weekend

I live in small-town Georgia which is not as boring as it is monotonous so I love to escape or get out of ‘here’ as my friends and I joke about doing.  Even if it’s one town or one county over I just want to breath a different air.  When I eat at a restaurant or go to a shop out of town I won’t hear about it from neighbors or friends in the next day or two.  Being out of town keeps others from being able to report what I bought or ate.   

I live in the northeast part of Georgia and am approximately 70 miles from Atlanta.  On a day when the traffic going to Atlanta is clogged (90% of the time) I can make it to South Carolina quicker than to Atlanta.  I’ve done it.  

This past weekend my friend and I were headed to Decatur so she could drop things off to her daughter.  On the way there we stopped at the “Largest Garage Sale on the East side of Georgia” (literally) which was held at the First Baptist Church of Conyers.  There was a lot of hustling and bustling and excitement.  I actually forgot to take photos.  Gee wiz…  Believe me thought when I tell you that there were hundreds of people and items.

I got this really nice antique looking frame set and this apothecary set (still in the box).  I bought a few other things also and had a great time amongst nice folks from all over Georgia. 

My friend did all the driving this trip and I got to knit all the way up and all the way back.  This is such a relaxing way to go.
There was nothing much going on in Decatur except the usual over load of traffic and congestion.  Downtown Atlanta was a treat this time around because there were a couple of festivals going on.  Though I was raised in an urban city I haven’t lived in a big city for over 20 years and the same for my friend so we drove through the busiest parts of downtown Atlanta over and over just sightseeing and people watching.  The hair-do’s, fashions, homeless people, different races, different classes…  I loved it !

There was a huge group of Mennonites all over downtown Atlanta speaking to folks, handing out music and fliers and singing for us.  They were just mixing and mingling with everyone.  

I use to run into Amish groups more when I lived up north and almost every small-town fair had an Amish bake goods booth.  Oh those blueberry pies.  I use to buy three at a time.  They were sooo good.  

I don't know much about the Amish or Mennonites for that matter but I love to look at their faces.  It's obvious they have clean and healthy diets on those seemingly stress-free faces.  There seems to be a pureness and honesty in their faces.  I don't know if I'm describing this correctly.

With downtown Atlanta being what it is, I mean with it's hodge-podge of folks, the Mennonite group just blended in after a while.

I hope to make it back to the big city in another couple of weeks.  I need to go to Whole Foods and get a few things that I cannot get here in my little town.


madameknitter1 said...

Oh what a fun outing.

Cat said...

That was a great trip. Nice jars.