Wednesday, March 4, 2009

A Georgia Snow Storm and Forgotten Roots

I don't know whether anyone heard but, this past Sunday, Northeast Georgia had a lot of snow.

I heard the snow was over 6 inches in some places. The lights in our area went out at about 3:45pm, just as I was about to head into the office (yes, I was going in on a Sunday). My daughter had taken my car to Lawrenceville earlier that day and was on her way when she got stuck in very slow traffic on the highway. Okay, it doesn't look that bad I thought. It's only snow. After all, it wasn't that cold and I am born and raised in Michigan. This snowfall is nothing compared to the way it snows up north.

So, determined as I was, I began walking my 40 minute walk to work.

About a third of the way there, I began to wonder if I should turn around. I hadn't realized that the snow was a wet snow. I was being pelted by sloppy snowflakes that turned into what felt like little puddles on my face. Flakes below my face and neck were quickly absorbed by my leather jacket and bluejeans. I gasped (honestly) when I realized that I was wearing a leather jacket in a sloppy snow storm. A few times, I actually had to knock a snow pile off of my head. When I finally took the hat off it was heavy with water. In a Michigan storm I would hardly ever go out without a hood to cover my hatted head nor would I wear a leather coat. To top it off, I was wearing my running shoes.

The wrists of my jacket were soaked and the gloves I wore were not long enough.

Here my jeans are soaked through and through. They are soaked from the top of my thighs to the hem. By the time I reached my destination, my shoes were squeaking wet.

On the telephone later that day, one of my Michigan friends commented that I had "been down in that weather too long and had forgotten my roots." Perhaps he's right.

A mixture of Georgia Clay and Snow


Beate said...

he,hehehe... what where you thinking? But I know how you feel- like the viking from the north , well known how to handle all kinds of weather types.. '
we seem to forget alittle ( and it´s not because of age!!!)

Gale said...

Peter calls a mess of snow and dirt "snirt."

Sorry you got wet...

Alicia said...

Girl! What were you thinking? After those years in Alaska, I have a deeply embedded fear of being stuck outside in the snow - forever!

Camille said...

When I woke up and saw the flakes I knew to stay inside. Being from Ohio I understand your snubbing our Georgia snowstorm though.

Ice Princess said...

I love love snow but maybe that's just because we don't get it in the Barbados. So now I am living in the UK it's a new thing for me!!!Keep warm!!!

Judy said...

Oh my! You are very brave to have made that walk! Well, as they say, "We live and we learn."

Bufanditas said...

Your experience was not the most pleasant but those scenery shots are gorgeous.