Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Ahhhhhh, Holiday Pressure as an Incentive...

The day after Thanksgiving I found myself suddenly concerned with the possibility of not having this sweater gift completed on time. I came up with a simple explanation for my nonchalance regarding this project. November must have been one of my low-caffeine months. Turkey month can be a very busy month, you know. This is especially true with all the pumpkin pie making and macaroni n’ cheese baking. So, I can see how a person could slack off of an addiction or two. With such a sizeable project hanging over me, why else would a gal like me procrastinate?

While kicking myself (very lightly), I came up with a solution. December 2007 is my month to become a knitting maniac. I will have this sweater completed and ready before December 25th, I will even have time to knit up two or three in-betweens (scarves for neighbors, coworkers and such).

As you can see from the picture, I’ve gotten the bulk of my sweater done. I love that my little camera picked up the flecks of raspberry. The front is on my 10.5 circulars here and the next row worked will begin the split, the v-neck. So, there it is. I am now on more caffeine and the impending holiday as a completion incentive. Works for me!


Shameka said...

This looks great. I am glad to see that you are making progress on such a large progress. I also have been procrastinating on a particular sweater, but you have gien me new hope and inspiration. I will give myself a New Years deadline as a start. I have to give myself leeway since someone requested yet another Christmas gift from me.

Also, thank you for checking out my blog. I will keep checking yours for updates.

twellve said...

hurray for caffeine! helps those projects get cranked out faster. :)

thanks very much for visiting my blog (for the love of the gauge) and commenting--glad you liked the scarf!