Tuesday, June 27, 2017

I can't be the only One

This is a poster I and many knitters put on our Instagram and Facebook pages making light of the stress we go through before the Holidays.  It is quite funny when you think about it.  We knit, crochet and craft all year long yet two and a half months before December we’re sweating bullets to get those gifts done on time.  I’m laughing as I type this.  I did fairly well last year with not as much rush knitting before the Christmas.  I resolved this year to be different though.  I should have began gift knitting the beginning of June but it will have to be July.  I'll begin my first Holiday gift the first week of July.  Yes.


I love Holiday socks and especially Christmas socks !  They’re so cute and put me in the holiday spirit even more.  What I’ve noticed though is knitters seem to have their holiday socks done at the same time.  With projects on and off the needles all year when do knitters begin working on their holiday socks ?  You can laugh but this is all a mystery to me.  I’m determined to become a knitter that organizes and completes her projects within a reasonable timeframe.  Well.  I can try. 

My latest drink

There are many ways to make a parsley cleansing detox but my way is this.  
• Cut up a bunch of parsley
• Slice up a lemon
• Put them both in a pot of 32 oz more or less of spring water
• Boil for approximately ten minutes then drain
• Refridgerate
This is a detox that will help to cleanse the liver and kidneys among other things.  It’s great for clearing up the complexion which promotes youthful looking skin.

In any case have a great and wonderful week !


Joansie said...

Love your post. I started my holiday knitting very early this year. I completed two cowls in January and then went on to other projects. If I start early June, I can usually get several gifts done in time. Everyone seems to want socks this year. Many, many years ago, I used to do "finishing" work for a LYS. My deadline for customers was 2 weeks before Christmas. I did a lot of blocking, buttonholes, sweater assembly in those days.

Two Cables and a Frapp said...

Wow Joansie! Socks as gifts. I'm too impressed.

Alina said...

Haha, this sticker is so true!!!! Too many ideas, too little time!

Mildred said...

Very nice to meet you - thanks for stopping by my blog. How very talented you are. I live in north Georgia.