Tuesday, November 4, 2014

WIP Wednesday SOCKS and a FREE Pattern !

This pattern is called Another Faery by Bea John which is written for a DK yarn.  I have loads of worsted.  Loads and loads of fingering but hardly any DK so I went out and bought 3 skeins of Patons Classic Wool DK in this blue.  As you know, all Patons Classic Wools are work horse yarns.  They are sturdy, reliable and not so soft but I have always liked them.  I'm pretty sure I've never cabled socks before and though I have no fear of any cable at some point the tediousness and redundancy of doing these cables on three tiny needles while working in a circle had me going crossed eyed and I found myself asking... "What was I thinking ?".  I would label these socks as an easy-peasy with some sweating involved.  I'm much further along than these photos as I have one complete sock done and the cables done for the other.  The needle size is reasonable for a intricate cable sock.  US 2 which if I ever make these again I will use a US 2 for the ribbing but move up to a US 3 for the cables.  Why did I forget that I'm a tight knitter.  Thank goodness for blocking because any snugness will be taken care of after these hit the water.

My !  What Gigantic Feet You have My Dear !
Yes.  I have feet.  Big feet I guess.  I wear a size 10 but I swear no matter which socks I make they always look like they belong to a giant.  These are the Easy Peasy Socks for First Time Knitters by Stacey Trock (we all know the pattern).  Since the pattern is written for those that haven't knitted socks or many socks there are pages and pages of instructions.  Maybe 3 or 4 which all get in the way if you have knitted any type of sock before.  I really only needed to keep the page with her heel instructions.  Call me crazy but I would swear there must be one million and one variations of the heel.

Easy Peasy alright.  Worsted yarn.  Size US 5 needle.  Perfecto for a quick sock !

I swear to you these measure only 9.25 inches from heel to toe.  Don't let this photo fool you.
The Free Pattern
This is the Uber Zag Edged Scarf by Laurel Brandt.  The pattern normally runs for $4.00 but it's free until November 8th.  I found this on FaceBook.  There is no code so you have to put it into your CART.  Make sure you double check that it's in your Library because the first time I put it into my cart it didn't load.  Oh.  Did I mention that this is FREE... FREE... FREE ? 
What's that ?  Oh.  You're Welcome.
Enjoy Your Week !


Anonymous said...

Uber Zag is very pretty.

The socks look great. 10 isn't so large. I have a friend that wears an 11-1/2. That size is really hard to find.

elns said...

"I would label these socks as an easy-peasy with some sweating involved. "

I know what this is!

Your socks look fantastic. You've re-inspired me to make peace with my dk-weight socks.

I love the anklets they look super cozy!

Araignee said...

Great minds think alike. I put Uber Zag in my cart as soon as I saw it!

kathy b said...

no apologies for your feet!! LOVE the cables sock.
Thanks so much for the free pattern tip!! I'm off to request one

Gracey is not my name.... said...

Love the cabled socks...I was just thinking that I might want to try a dk sock......thanks for the free pattern info....