Monday, November 3, 2014

A Snafu in the Midst

It dawned on me this morning that I had posted about my making this Classic Collar Cardigan with Straight Sleeves by Patons to my Two Cables Facebook page and to my Two Cables Twitter page but I had not posted the information here.  In any case, I started this sweater over a week ago out of Lion Brand's Homeland yarn which is a 100% acrylic (don't scream) but this cardi is for work to go over my scrubs on those chilly shifts.  Since at any given moment someone may puke or urinate on me I think this will work.  The pattern is out of the Patons: Next Steps Three booklet.  All of the Patons booklets are super easy but I buy them because I have been collecting Paton's booklets for a while.  This cardigan is so easy you could do it blindfolded.  You didn't even need a pattern really.  Everything looked alright and I followed the directions to a T but sewing it up this weekend I saw a difference in the armhole and sleeve cap.  No.  I should say there is a significant difference being about 4 inches. Not a big deal though.  I will just take the sleeves down right before the point of decrease and work from there.  I wonder if anyone else posted about this.  The Ravelry forum posts always give good information but who would have thunk this would happen. 

I am pleased with the depth of the armholes.  The pattern called for a bulky yarn but I used worsted and made it a size larger.  So instead of a medium bulky it's a large worsted.  My gauge came out good.

Forgive the dumpiness of the above photo.  I took it in my PJs determined to do a post today.  Also, forgive my shameless Facebook & Twitter plugs.  lol...
I love this sweet and simple cardigan.  I don't know if I'll ever do it in a bulky but I will probably need another one for work.
Anyway.  Toodles to Everyone and have a wonder week !

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elns said...

Acrylic totally has it's uses and there is some really good stuff out there. If there is a garment or accessory that has the potential to be subjected to frequent mess (ahem babies for example, I'll never understand cashmere for a baby).

Did you tell them you found an error in the pattern? You gauge and tension looks nice.

I like easy. I like cardigan ... :)