Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Nakniswemo Clickity-Clack ~ WIP Wednesday

I'm down to the sleeves of my Son's Nakniswemo project.  I love what I can get done when under pressure.  Ha !

The body and sleeves on this pattern were suppose to have seams going up them but I chose the way that always makes sense for me which is to do them in the round.  I did the cuff on US 9s and the rest of the sleeve on US 10s.  While working on the sleeve I found myself wandering away, becoming annoyed with it which is unacceptable seeing as this sweater must be done in a few days.  You know what ?  It was the dpns that were getting to me.  I realized that larger dpns are nerve wrecking and especially these because they are wood.  As the sleeve increased the wobbilyness (made up word) of it all along with the clacking of the wooden needles was killing me.  I transferred the sleeve to US 10 16-inch circulars but there were just too many stitches on there so I moved to a 20 something length circular.  It will stretch the sleeve out a bit but you know...  Our friend BLOCKING will make it all good.  Working on small dpns is just so normal don't you think ?

If you want to take a peek at the body of my Son's sweater it's HERE.


A Great Day to You All !


Donna said...

Blocking usually does the trick for sure. Can't wait to see it all finished! I admire those of you who got your sweaters done in a month.

CathieJ said...

I am looking forward to seeing the finished sweater. The sleeves look good.

autumngeisha said...

You are making speedy progress. Great job! I have the same issues with knitting sleeves. My default method is now 12 inch circulars for smallish sleeves. It just seems to go much faster than dpn's. Have a happy Thanksgiving with your loved ones. Hope that you can get more sweater knitting done.

Anonymous said...

The sleeve is looking good!

I think annoying needles are part of the reason I quit knitting Ferg the Flamingo. It just wasn't fun and knitting should NOT be a chore.

Happy Thanksgiving! :-)