Wednesday, April 2, 2014

WIP Wednesday

Nothing much going on in these neck of the woods.  I was just about done with my cardigan then ran out of yarn.  I went to the Michael's here in town only to find out that they are out of the colorway I'm using.  I was out of town yesterday and stopped at a Joann Fabric and to my surprise they didn't carry the yarn at all.  The town I was in didn't have a Michael's so I will either have to wait for my Michael's to re-order or re-stock the colorway or hopefully when I go out of town again (to another town) I will be able to get a skein. 

I picked up a few skeins of Sugar'n Cream in three different colorways and I am making a house warming gift.  I am using Hakucho's Circle Cloth pattern which I have adored and coveted making for years now.  Finally I'm doing it and enjoying them.  The pattern is not what I expected at all.  Somehow I thought the Hexagon stitch was done with cables but it isn't. 

The colorways I've chosen so far are self-striping and very pretty.  The striping isn't too close together which is nice for a change.

I'm contemplating making a drying towel (much bigger) also.  We'll see.

Enjoy Your Day !


Anonymous said...

I love that pattern. It so much fun to knit.

elns said...

Oh I love the colors in your new yarn! Can't wait to see how it works up :)