Friday, April 11, 2014

FO Friday

Well I finished my dishcloths some days ago and I simply love them.  These are part of a house warming package and I'm sure the receiver will be pleased.  The pattern is Circle Cloth from Hakucho and they are quite fun to make.  I've looked at this pattern over the years and always thought the circles were cables but no.  No cables are  needed for this pattern.

I used the self-striping Lily Sugar & Cream yarns so I didn't really need t use two colorways for the dishcloths.

The Colorway Mod Stripes

Colorway Country Stripes

Colorway Lime Stripes

I love this pattern.  I'm not sure how soon I would make these again but I recommend these to all.

Anyway, on to more knitting.  Enjoy Your Weekend !


Toni said...

Love the dishcloths! They look so cheerful. Your friends will love them.

Sheila said...

Those dish cloths are so pretty.

elns said...

I love the way those dishcloths turned out! I really have to try and make some this summer! The colors look soo good in the pattern you chose!

Evelyn said...

These are so fun & make a great gift!

Anonymous said...

I've made that pattern a number of times. It's really fun watching the colors work up.

Yours are a beautiful color. Happy housewarming to whomever gets them.

autumngeisha said...

Pretty and colorful! The pattern looks like a slip-stitch one? These will make perfect housewarming presents.

Nik said...

I love these. Seriously.

kathy b said...

very very cool pattern. Love your cloths!