Friday, March 30, 2012

The IKEA Connection

So yesterday I was blog hopping and commenting on as many blogs as I could trying to redeem myself after such a long blog absence. I hit Cloudberry's blog (Beate if you don't know her) and marveled again at her beautiful and crisp photos. Her post is titled "A Successful Trip To Ikea". The first photo is of the sweetest pink house shoes ever. She makes the nicest things. She has photos of her cute Ikea items that will make you say "Awwwwwwwww !" I won't tell you what they are. You will have to go visit her Cloudberry Knits for yourself.

Though I've seen Ikea items on Beate's blog before, something hit me. I have lived in Georgia almost five years now and haven't been to an Ikea in all that time. When I left Michigan they had just built one about 30 minutes from my home. My shopping pals and I would go their every other week or so just to go. We hardly ever bought anything of significance, just wanted to be there. It's so cheery at Ikea ! Thinking of this pulled my heartstrings a bit. I love Ikea, miss Ikea and will now make it a point to stop by the next time I'm in Atlanta. It's about 75+ miles from where I live.

After closing my laptop I headed out to take a box of items to the Salvation Army and to stop by the market. I dropped the box off in the back of the building then parked to go inside. Why not ? The strangest thing... There were four out-of-the-ordinary yet lovely bowls just sitting, waiting for me to check them out. Okay I thought, I like them, they fit in with my dishes. I turned them over and lo' and behold, they were IKEA bowls. I mean really, what are the odds that this would happen. Believe me when I tell you that this is out of the ordinary. I would call this a fairly unsophisticated area and it is on rare occasion that nice name brand items come through resale. I know that sounds bad but It's true.

Love them !

Love them !

Love them !

So thank you Beate ! This was great fun for me. If you are a resale shopper you understand.

Now what would call this ? I mean Beate posting about Ikea and me stepping out and finding Ikea in a place where you NEVER see it? There has to be a name for it. It's some kind of cosmic physic something.

It's That Time...

My Iris are blooming.

My Hydrangea are coming out.

My Roses are here ! This is no surprise though because they were even blooming even in December !

Enjoy your day !


JelliDonut said...

Nice score!

Torhild Reidardatter said...

Aaaah! Carolyn that is hillarious! They are the perfect find& and they makes sence buying. What Are the odds running in to IKEA ithems just when you where thinking of such :) you Made my day dear blog friend. I just love go hunting for special finds. And now you have IKEA bowls with a history. Thank you for complementing my blog (i blush ) i can't help wondering who read it and what bloggers think. I'm flattered. I sure missed you and your blogging. So glad your're back.

hakucho said...

It was all meant to be! Being in the rights place at the right time help :)

Two Cables and a Frapp said...

So true ! Have a wonderful weekend !

SusanB-knits said...

Great karma! a great find! We don't have an Ikea in our little town. I did visit one once when we lived in Kansas City.