Tuesday, July 5, 2011

A Bit of Clockwork, Apologies and Say What ?

One of the projects I worked on and completed recently is Clockwork (Rav link) by Stephen West. This is a fast moving, mindless and simple shawl to make. I would definately call it an easy peasy with super results. I love the shape, lines and simplicity of it. It's very generous in length also.

I chose to use two skeins of Kauni Wool. I used Kauni Wool 8/2 Solids in blue ss1 and the other is Kauni Wool 8/2 Effektgarn in ES blue. The Effektgarn is the darker and shade changing of the two. This was my first time using a Kauni and I would definately purchase more. I chose the blues because I specifically wanted a shawl to go with my jeans. The colors are perfect.

This is a not-so-good photo of my Kauni Wool 8/2 in #SS1 but the color is almost dead on.

The heather really shows up in this Kauni Wool in Color ES

I especially like the heather in the Effektgarn. Both yarns have a rustic look to them. My Clockwork is bathing as we speak. I hope to have it blocked and photographed soon.

Apologies to Joansie, JelliDonut et al.

I spent many hours online during the 4th of July. I wanted to catch with all of the blogs I read. I was able to comment on about seven blogs but there were five or six that I could not comment on. It went like this;

I was already signed into blogger. I would leave a comment and most times was asked to choose a profile. Even though I had already signed in, I would have to sign in again. I wait... then it would come back with my comment but my identity was Anonymous ! What, wait, noooooo ! I go through this scenario over and over until giving up. If I wasn't asked for a profile, I would have to sign in again.

I give up.

Today I was out and stopped by the library to try commenting on the blogs. I didn't want my blog buddies to think that I'm ignoring them. - Again I tried and failed. It was the same old same old. You know what's worse than trying to comment without being able to ? Knowing that I am going to have to contact Blogger and wait for their response and then wait for them to correct the problem.

So, Joansie, JelliDonut, Lupie, Caroline, Yarn Harlot and the rest just know that I have not ignored you.

Is It Me or What ?

I was on the Transunion website the other day checking on my score and grade (yes, Transunion gives a credit grade) when I couldn't help but notice that right beneath the score and grade was this;

Are they serious ?

Enjoy your day !


knitmachinequeen (KMQ) said...

I've been having the same problem with blogger. I was wondering if I'd gotten a virus or something. I feel a little better knowing that I'm not the only one having this problem.

Caroline said...

I had that same problem several months ago. Of course, it always happened after I'd written a nice, long comment and hadn't noticed that I wasn't signed in and then I couldn't sign in. Agravagting!

I love your yarn and the colors. Hadn't heard of Kauni before. I keep saying I'm on a yarn diet, but then I get sooo tempted!

Gale said...

It's certainly not you. I've had that problem too, and even once with your blog.

Melodye said...

I'm another one having problems. I couldn't get into my blog for a while either, but that seems to have cleared up. Let's see if this posts

JelliDonut said...

You are so sweeeeet! There are times when Blogger makes me want to kick something, so I know what you mean.

kshotz said...

I had this problem with trying to leave comments. I found that if I 'unchecked' the box that says "Keep me logged in" (or the equivalent) it would let me do it. Really weird, huh?

Love the blue colors!

Sheila said...

To think I was the only having the same problem.

I've never heard of Kauni and love the colors you selected.

Lupie said...

I sometimes have a problem commenting also.

Herie7 said...

I two have had problems posting recently but thought it was my connection at home.

Very pretty yarn colors.