Sunday, February 6, 2011

Thanks, Progress & The Funniest Question

Thanks to everyone that participated in my little questionnaire. Many of you wondered what my plan is. I will only say that Yes, I have a plan. I have a definite plan. Try not to think about the Contest part. I needed this data first. The contest won't happen for a few weeks.

My Multnomah is coming along nicely. I added the third skein and should have been finished by now except while watching the Sunday Law And Order marathon I either missed row two or knitted row three two or three times. In any case, I found myself taking it back a few rows a couple of times. I put Multnomah down to relax the Sunday away. I will tackle and complete her early this week.

My Baktus is blocked, dry and ready to be photographed. Oh let the sun come out tomorrow so I can take these photos, please !!!

My daughter, Mr. Willie and I were at our favorite Waffle House here in town. The above photo shows my daughter's platter of hash browns, Texas toast and a T-bone. As the cook was putting the t-bone on the grill she came over and asked my daughter;

"Honey, would you like your steak cooked in butter?"

Is it me or is that a hilarious question?

Talk to you soon.


Gale said...

Oh no. That is NOT a funny question! Steak cooked in butter is sooooo gooood.

Looking forward to the Batkus reveal.

Two Cables and a Frapp said...

Shame on you Gale !

ImplausibleYarn said...

I've heard that everything is better with butter. Or is that everything is better with chocolate?

Two Cables and a Frapp said...

In my opinion, both !

Sheila said...

That's a new one, I never thought about cooking steak in butter... mmmm food for

hakucho said...

That's too bad that you had to rip back a couple of rows...sometimes you just need a break. I have to be careful when I'm tired...that's usually when I make the biggest mistakes :)

In regards to cooking steak in butter... You only live once, so you may as well live dangerously :) Yum!!

Two Cables and a Frapp said...

So right you are. It was a busy weekend.

caknitter said...

Butter? I've never had steak cooked in butter. There's always a first for everything and I'm pretty sure it'is delish.