Monday, January 31, 2011

I Only Saw The Pretty

Here are a pair of Fetchings I made to go with my daughter's Dogwood hat. The yarn is Nashua Creative Focus which is 75% wool, 25% alpaca. I luvluvluv the color but never thought about the content or how said content would affect the recipient.

I cannot remember who I had in mind when I chose the pattern and yarn. As always, my daughter wants almost everything that comes off of my needles. So, the hat was given to her. Yesterday she decided to break in her Dogwood.

This is my wip photo. I have yet to take the FO photo.

During our entire trip in the car her fingers kept digging under the rib of the hat and pulling the hat off of her forehead.

We had a good laugh at the realization that she is allergic to alpaca. I told her I would make her another Dogwood that will be kinder to her but she said no. After about ten minutes more of pulling and scratching she gave in and handed me the hat.

I will try wearing the hat myself and do an alpaca check. I've learned a lesson here.

If I'd only known.


Joansie said...

I've knitted several "Fetchings". It's one of the best patterns for fingerless mitts. Yours are lovely.

Camille said...

I have the same problem with alpaca and mohair. Very lucky that both patterns are quick knits.

Melodye said...
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hakucho said...

What a shame :( Hopefully you'll not be allergic too. The hat is too pretty not to be worn!!

Kathy at Knitting Off The Grid said...

I enjoyed visiting your blog, too! It's always fun to see what other knitters are making.

I'm from Mich. also! We lived in Flat Rock til I was 6 then moved to So. Calif.

Amybel said...

What a bummer for her and for you, too! At least you don't have to wonder what you'll make next.

caknitter said...

God bless her for wanting to wear the pretty hat. Poor thing. It would have driven me crazy wearing it all day. I can't wear certain things/fibers either. :-)

Beate said...

Fetching is just great- so is Dogwood. As always you chose nice colours. Look at the bright side: a hat is very quick to knit :)