Tuesday, December 14, 2010

OTK - Other Than Knitting

I feel as though this holiday season is chasing me down. The 25th is less than two weeks away and I'm asking myself; Where did December go ?

One thing I am happy about, I don't have a lot of knitting to do. Whew !!!
For the past couple of weeks I've been sneaking sewing into my busy days, work and chores. These little doll clothes are for my friend Connie's granddaughter. The granddaughter along with her American Doll and her mom were taking a flight and the bag that contained all of the dolls clothing was left aboard. It was never recovered. Most of the clothing items were American Doll brand but many were hand sewn. Connie asked if I would make her granddaughter's baby an entire wardrobe. Sure, no problem.

These are two little peasant tops to go with slacks / jeans.

Here are jeans and another peasant top. I have no idea why this photo would not rotate.

Baby dolls need pajamas too.

The pattern is Simplicity 7083

Connie lives in another part of Georgia (closer to the Tennessee/Smokey mountain border) and sent me a box full of material. Though I may not post about it, I will be sewing throughout the new year.
Everyone enjoy their week. -- I predict that my next post will have some actual knitting done by ME. No promises though (smile) !


Gale said...

What a sweet set of clothing. I love the way the sunlight looks on the peasant tops!

Sheila said...

The doll clothes are totally adorable.

SusanB-knits said...

Beautiful doll clothes! I'm sure they will be appreciated. (I never did learn to sew clothes. And my mother made all my clothes while I was growing up!)

cici said...

great photos, It reminds me of my handmade doll clothing days♥

Camille said...

Seeing these cute little items makes me want to begin sewing again. Adorable !

Amybel said...

Wow. Now that's a thoughtful gift. Is sewing such smaller scale item harder or easier than regular person sized things? I bet it's harder...