Tuesday, November 23, 2010

A Tuesday Find

The library here in my town has a bin that is full of magazines and soft cover books for the taking. It's probably common practice all over the US and Canada.

Almost every time I'm there, I hit the bin up for no more than five magazines. I had to put a limit on my collection though. Last year I was taking as many as I wanted and I'll just say it got out of control. -- Every blue moon I'll come across a knitting or craft or a wonderful cooking magazine in the bin . Well, earlier today I was at the library and tried to walk by without looking in the bin. I kept walking but had to ask myself "Was that PHILDAR that I saw in the bin?" I went back and indeed there were three Phildar knitting magazines in pristine condition just waiting for me to rescue them. All were from 1998 and as you know, the year a pattern is created means NOTHING to a knitter. I happily snatched them up !

Sooooo adorable are the patterns. I love the little teddy bear above. I may use that motif for another pattern.

So cute !!!

First chance I get in 2011, I want to make this little yoke sweater. Oooooooooo so cute !!!

Okay, I'm in love with these little peach colored booties. Can't you just see the little garter strap around a baby's fat ankle !!!

This pattern is just an advertisement but again, too cute !!! Who doesn't love Babar ?!!

Well all, I'm off and away again.

P.S. Feel free to continue commenting on my previous post. I'll talk about the Thanksgiving dinner again this weekend.


Joansie said...

What a great find! I'm jealous as I love everyone of those patterns.

caknitter said...

Wow, you really struck gold with your finds at the library. I wish I could be so lucky. :-)

At Home Mommy Knits said...

Adorable knits. How fortunate you got those patterns.

Anonymous said...

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cici said...

I hope you had a great turkey day. I see lots of baby knitting in your future♥

Sheila said...

Awesome find and the projects are adorable.