Monday, January 4, 2010

New Ravelry Groups and A Ham

The Ravelry Stash Knit Down Group has created within their group the Neglected Pattern Challenge. If any of you are like me; you probably have over 100 print outs, over 50 books and booklets and we won't even talk about what's saved on our PCs.

I like the idea of picking up stashed and neglected patterns. A few of the members committed to a certain number to work on throughout the year.

I will have to go through my patterns and pick ten. At the moment this number does not seem too daunting an amount. Especially since it is the very beginning of 2010.

The first pattern I've chosen is Yarn Harlot's Unoriginal Hat. I've been wanting to make this thing for as long as the pattern has been out. I could just never get around to it. A couple of days ago I went through my yarn stash and pulled out two skeins of Moda Dea Tweedle Dee yarn. It's labeled as a super bulky (I would call it a bulky though). It doesn't exactly stripe but changes from dark to light to dark subtly. To top it off, it's also heathered. I love the way the hat turned out.

The second group I came across is the NaKniMitMo where mittens are to be knitted in the month of January. It doesn't matter whether you began your mittens before now. The last day to submit them in the group is January 31st.

Spillyjane's new mitten pattern Anna is the chosen mitten pattern for National Knit Mittens Month 2010. This is a truly lovely pattern.

I love knitting mittens. Again, I have so many neglected patterns with mitten patterns being one of the largest groups.

I needed to make a mittens to match the Unoriginal Hat. I have almost one mitten down. I hope to cast on tomorrow after work for the second mitten.

There is no pattern for this one. As long as I've got a decent rib, I can wing it from there. The rib is a bit larger than normal because the yarn is dense. The thicker rip allows an air flow. I started to add a design on the hand part but the yarn is so pretty, I think it's good to go.

Here is Actual Proof That I Can Be a Ham…

My town is 70 miles from the big ATL (Atlanta). Every time I leave town headed towards Atlanta, I get all anxious and goose pimply. Watch…

I’ve made it to Gwinnett County. Ya got Lawrenceville, Snellville, Buford and other towns. Almost any exit at this point will take you to a shopping and restaurant heaven! It’s not Atlanta though. Highway 316 is still looking a bit country, I’ll be hitting I-85 soon! Ooooooo!

Okay, I’m on 85, can you see how it’s beginning to look citified? Wow, more cars and buildings ! Amazing !

There she blows! The tip of Atlanta ! Yippeeeeeeeeeee !

Woo-woo baby! This is what I’m talking about! Look at all those tall buildings!

Okay, okay, where is Turner Broadcasting and my beloved CNN Headquarters. Hmm, should I take a short detour and pick up an Americano at Starbucks in the CNN building? Oh, it’s New Years Day, it’s probably closed.

Well, that felt good! Now, further south to my daddy’s home in Fayette County.

Pretty sad huh?

This post has been brought to you from a city girl living in small town Georgia. Sigh…


Anonymous said...

I don't think I could make it in ATL, it is SO crowded and the driving is crazy, so small town GA. sounds fine to me!

Love stash knit-downs. Hope you're able to get around to a lot of those patterns this year!

Gale said...

So not ham like! I get all tingly when going to TO (Toronto, Ontario).

Nice looking hat there Carolyn.

martha - caknitter said...

I love looking at photos of cities. Thanks for the tour.
Also, I may have to look into the mitten knit-along. Sounds like fun.

martha - caknitter said...

oh forgot to add...I too have tons of patterns; printed out, on my pc, magazines, and books.
We should start a suppor group. :-)

Lupie said...

I have the same problem many patterns not enough yarn. Love the hat and mitts iImusy look up the patterns oh didn't I just say too many patterns!
Love the pictures of the To The City journey. Next time I go into NYC(the real City) I'll take pictures and show you what real tall buildings look like.

Camille said...

You are so funny. Yeah, we never thought we would ever look forward to driving an urban area ! Your hat is wonderful.

Ice Princess said...

Love your post as always.....Hat looks lovely!!!
I wish I could drive but I am so scared of the other drivers on the road.

Joansie said...

Love the mitten. I have so many patterns and books and trying to keep things organized has become a career in

Sheila said...

I have tons of printed out patterns and took the time to organize them in binders... then that was it... have yet to work up one of the patterns.

Woooo Atlanta, I use to vacation in Lawrenceville, right on Hampton Hill court.

cici said...

Nice hat! I should look into the stash group.loved your tour.Skyscaers are so cool!

life as I know said...

why don't you take 78? I always go that way when coming to visit my mom.