Thursday, January 7, 2010

A Contest With A Prize

Okay, here's a contest that may be easy for some, for others it may give them a headache.

Here are two different yarns pulled from my stash. Though they are just slightly off colored from each other; they are totally different yarns.

Is it me or do you also think they look alike? Just alike. The feel is only off a bit too.

Well, I pulled one out of my stash thinking it was the other and as I was completing one half of my project I realized that I was knitting with the wrong yarn.

Here's the Contest Part:
  1. Can you name one of the yarns?

  2. Can you name both yarns?

  3. Can you name one of the yarn producers?

  4. Can you name both of the producers?

  5. Can you name what one of the yarns is made of?

  6. Can you name what both yarns are made of?

  7. Can you list the main complaint about one of the yarns?

  8. Can you list the main complaint about either yarns?

For the person that answers the most questions; I have a prize to send to you. Yes, it's a knitting-related prize. It's a pretty nice prize I might add.

What's that ? You want a hint ? Okay, here's your hint.

  • Neither of these yarns would fit in the 'Yarn Snob' category

(I probably lost half my audience with that).

Oh and something else. I have temporarily deleted one of these out of my 'Stash' on Ravelry. The other yarn was never listed.

Oops, there goes the other half of the audience !

and most important ! I'm ending the contest in seven and a half days. That comes out to around next Friday evening or there abouts !

Good Luck All !


Sheila said...

Patons chunky yarn.

Two Cables and a Frapp said...

Nice try Sheila.

Amybel said...

OK, I already have a headache so no harm done! And I am definitely not a yarn snob or I wouldn't have a stash :).

I think it looks like Renolds Lopi, but the variegation has me stumped. Maybe Lanaloft by Brown Sheep. Hard to tell weight since you didn't give us a point of reference (grin). Those are my two, so I'm saying wool, and shedding!!!

Good luck everyone.

Tea said...

Hi there! What a fun contest.
I think the one on the right is Patons SWS Natural Denim. The other looks like SWS also, but don't remember the colorway.

Javajem said...

They both looks alot like Patons SWS to me. I'm not sure what colorway - maybe Natural slate?

They are made of soy wool and silk. I've worked with yarn before and my only complaint was it tended to fuzz up quite easily!

cici said...

Are you sure it's not Patton??? Let's try Noro then.. How many tries do I get? Fun contest Carolyn♥

ekgheiy said...

I have no clue, so I am going to take a ... wild stab - Chunky Sensations yarn from Joann's; acrylic. Yep - I said that "A" word. Or is that way TOO far away from yarn snobbery? hahahaha...

Melodye said...

All right, I don't have a clue. But I'm going to play a long after a visit to one of my non-snobbery LYS!!

Nik said...

is the left one malabrigo, the right one, Debbie mumm tradition from joann fabrics? The main complaint about malabrigo is that it pills too much. The complaint about the other is the fact that it's not malabrigo.

Camille said...

Are you pulling our leg? They look the same and they look like a hand dyed Brown Sheep or Malabrigo.

Two Cables and a Frapp said...

You guys are so funny ! Great guesses though.

del said...

I'm at a loss. I was going to say Malabrigo for one but you said not yarn snob category. I'll just sit back and see who wins!

knitmachinequeen (KMQ) said...

I'm a machine knitter so I don't have a clue and won't even try to guess but I've enjoyed reading everybody's responses!

cici said...

Funny... is that like.. good guess, but no cigar??? how about another clue♥