Thursday, December 10, 2009

Holiday Knitting; No Sweat !

So, here it is the second week of December and I have just completed my first knitted gift. I had to do a shawl so I went with what I knew, the Forest Canopy. I do love the simplicity of this pattern. It was cast on and completed within six days. This is for a dear family friend.

I haven’t blocked it yet. I’ll post FO photos soon.
I'm thinking of changing the edging. I may do scallops instead of the points.

Last year I started most of my projects in October and November and remember kicking myself and swearing that I would be better prepared for Holiday 2009. Was I, am I better prepared? The answer to that question is yes and no.
Pre-holiday 2008 had hats and cowls flying off of my needles. I gifted no less than 10 knitted items. This year, not so much. I am only knitting five or six items, smaller items. I'm feeling so together and cocky that I even consider the Forest Canopy as a small item.

Many items I knitted earlier this year were done for the sake of blogging or de-stashing. Well, these items actually put me ahead as far as gifting is concerned. The Yoke Pullover will be going to my Aunt Yvonne in Detroit. She visited my blog a couple of weeks ago and loved it so, I told her she could have it. A few unblogged hats will be going to other relatives in Michigan also. I’ll be giving away both Dreams of Spring hats away as well as my Gathered Scarf.
This is what I have left to make;

· A hat and cowl set (for my Aunt Virginia)
· Two Girls Vest (for my Cousins daughters)
· Possibly Two Boys Hats for their little brothers)
I know I can, I think I can, I know I can…


Gale said...

Good on you for thinking that shawl to be a small knit.

cici said...

way to go! Of course you can do it♥

Camille said...

It looks really pretty. You're a quick knitter and should have no problem.