Sunday, August 9, 2009

Dreams of Spring Hats

I found this nice pattern by Jeanne named “Dreams of Spring”. It's on Ravelry. This is another easy and quick pattern. I have plans to crank out a few more for holiday gifts before year end.
The first hat which is for ME is done with Lorna’s Lace Fisherman’s wool and Patons Merino wool.

The second hat which is also for ME is done with Noro Leftovers and Lion Brand’s Fisherman’s wool. This one is my favorite of the two and I’m calling it Rustic Spring.

I will be yarn shopping again this week in search of a wool/acrylic blend or a washable wool so I can make hats for my two little cousins (Isabella and Rebecca) up north. There is also a plan to make scarves and matching mittens. Last year I was caught with not enough knitted gifts. To avoid stress, hustle and bustle, I’m beginning holiday knitting a bit earlier this year.


Family friend Kalina and husband Savov had a beautiful baby boy on June 23, 2009. They have named him George and in about ten days I will be taking them to the airport as they leave the United States for good and travel back home to Bulgaria.

I will miss Kalina and I’m sad that she is leaving. She and I have spent a lot of time together and I will not get to see George grow up. I know this is a selfish thought seeing as he has two sets of grandparents in Bulgaria that have not seen him yet.

This town that we are in can be a not-so-easy place to have friends if you are not from here. I’ve found that no matter what race, religion or class, all groups here tend to be very picky and their judgements and scrutinizations seem to can go on forever.

There is no pretense; the cliquishness shows itself right off. I'm happy that she and I could be there for each other when there was hardly anyone to spend time with.

Okay, back to Happy...

I started this little kimono for George a while ago and all I have to do is assemble it. Perhaps next post or post after next I'll have pictures.

This is made out of a Caron yarn that was incrediably soft and nubby at the same time. All of the labels have been thrown away and I didn't pay attention so I can't remember the name. I really liked working with it.


Lupie said...

The hats are great and I will check out the pattern.
I don't get people who are judgemental. They miss knowing great people that would add so much to their lives.
I love Caron yarn. It is soft,washes well and the price is right.

Daisymum said...

I love the pattern on the hats. I was looking for a pattern like that to make for my sisters hat. Thanks for the post.

hakucho said...

Love your hats!! So sorry about you losing your friend, but with the internet, maybe she won't seem so far away? George sure is a cutie and I bet he'll look real cute in his new sweater :)

Camille said...

The hats are so cute. I should get up the nerve to knit something in more than one color.

At Home Mommy Knits said...

Love the hats especially the first one. Sorry about your friend leaving it is so hard to find a kindred spirit sometimes.

Knitnut,Karen said...

The hats are great! Wish I had the nerve to try something like them! I'm sorry your friend is leaving! Maybe she'll send you lot's of pics of George,so you can watch him grow vie photos!

Judy said...

Thanks, the flower sweater is on the blocking board! Looking forward to seeing your kimono all seamed up. Little George is soooo cute!!

Beate said...

Love the hats and little G. jacket.
Sorry you will miss your friend.
That is life- meeting people and sadly we have to see them leave/ or leave our selves.