Monday, April 14, 2008

Meet My Grandkids !!!

Hello Everyone,

I guess I've been a baaaaaaaaad grandmother. After almost a year of blogging, I forgot to mention that my daughter has two little ones.

First off, meet her boy Sydney. Although he has a case of the red/demon eye in this picture, he is quite spunky. He loves being chased, chasing, eating bananas, peanut butter and pellets. He hates eating greens. If you look closely, you can see a happy trail he's working on. I have no idea how old my grandson is.

Now here we have Natalie. I do know that she is younger than Sydney. She is a very serious kid. She doesn't chase, doesn't want to be chased. Her main priority is to destroy, destroy, destroy whatever she can. She is good at putting indentations at the tip of new shoes, shredding paper, chewing through electrical cords. She has even eaten through a baseboard or two.

She always growls when my daughter puts her hand in the cage. Natalie gets very angry and acts out whenever my daughter cleans her cage. Natalie almost always goes back in the cage and tears it up, throwing things around, tipping over her veggie and pellet bowls. We are thinking of putting her into counseling.

She loves her greens, all vegetables. My daughter has to give her very few pieces of bananas because Natalie behaves like an out of control addict if she can't have more nannas right away. I have no idea how old this grandchild is either.

So, these are my two grandkids, what do you think ? Cute or what?


hakucho said...

Very cute...and I bet they don't talk back ;)

soknitpicky said...

Super cute! I am so bummed for you about your pink project & the zipper :-(

Anonymous said...

They ARE cute.

CiCi and CAJtalk said...

oh cute bunnies. Are you going to save the hair?

Camille said...

I see they are out of diapers.

NikkiJ said...

Wow, and I'm thisclose to getting a bunny, but Natalie has be having second thoughts. I don't need one more child tearing up my house.

Beate said...

HI.. rabbits..we had three while living in Dk.. fox took one( they were ourdoor ones)- two left and they made babies!!! 6 of them. the cutest ever-- 6 weeks later we had 4more... and so on so we had to take care of the production.
We gave away to kindergardens and so on..Ended up with just 3 of the kids..
Sadly we moved and they are now in care with nice people.Your grandchildren are also too cute.
miss mine.