Friday, December 7, 2007

Fortunate is as Fortunate does...

I am a flea market shopper and sometimes a garage sale shopper. I love coming across dented and scratched up knitting needles. Makes a person wonder “What have you knitted and how did you end up here?”. Size 8 straight needles seem to be really popular at these sales. It makes no difference to me if I have 3 sets of Bates green aluminums, I will buy more. Especially if they are priced at fifty cents to a dollar a pair. After all, you never know when a friend or two will need them. On occasion I have run into random skeins of yarn. Just last week at a flea market I bought a ball of mohair. It was dirty and dusty on the outside and covered with bits of leaves and sticks, as if someone had played catch with it during a leaf rake. I unrolled a bit of it in the shop to find that it shimmered a silver grey. It’s a beautiful color. I have no idea who the maker is and with it being only about 40 grams, I can only hope to make a really narrow scarf. Who knows?

This past July I ran into one of the best estate sales ever. I was able to purchase a huge box of yarn. I actually purchased someone else’s stash!!! There were wools, acrylics and ribbons and even a few unspuns (if there is such a word). Many of the skeins had been rolled into balls. A few of the yarns I recognized as Noro, Lion Brand and Caron but many of them I just don’t have a clue about.

Now I have always had a sizeable stash which is majority and selfishly designated for “Carolyn” projects. How fortunate though that I was able to purchase a stash for less than $20.00!!! I have decided to use only a few of the yarns for myself (naturally) but the rest are for friends and family.

So far, I have started on a v-neck, cabled sweater for a family member. I had in mind what I wanted (just a regular v-neck) but did not have access to a pattern at the time so I just did some comparisons with another sweater and just cast on. It was one of those 'I have to knit Sundays'. The goal is to have it finished by December 25. This sweater is my major project at the moment but I may do a small 'inbetween' project here and there.


WandaWoman said...

Welcome to the bloggin' world!

Beate said...

That would be so stunning to accidently come over a stash at a garage sale.. and Noro!? wow.good for you