Monday, August 28, 2017

More Sock Adventures and How about that Eclipse...

My goodness August went fast.  It's been a good August though.

After completing August sock #1 I thought I was going to sail along and start sock #2 right away and complete it with the quickness.  This didn't happen.  My nephew from Illinois, his wife and sons came twice to Georgia for softball games and most things changed.  The first time they stayed three days then on the second visit the stay was for a week.  I found myself driving a half hour each way to where they stayed in Georgia to catch up on old times and try out wonderful Atlanta restaurants.  It was good to see them considering I don't have much family here that I actually visit with.  These activities threw off my Knitting Schedule a bit but It was good and I needed to get out of this small Georgia town.  I was knitting a minimum of ten rows a day and hunks on the weekends until sock #1 was complete.  I was jumping with joy after closing the toe.  Progress feels good and I needed to start the second sock soon.  Like right away.  I would knit a few rows then put the sock down then knit a few more then put the sock down.  This happened several times. Where was my groove ?  Where was my knitting zone ?  I was letting myself be distracted which wasn't normal.  What was going on ?  Guess what.  I was bored at least I hoped it was boredom and not a burn out.  Either one was the last thing I needed to be for a KAL.  I had to talk to myself and strategize.  I had well over two weeks before the end of August and the second sock would be completed no matter what.

Plan A.  Knit a minimum of 15 rows a day.  If I didn't feel like it then force myself. 
Plan B.  Put the sock down for a week.  Work on another project then go back to it hoping it will feel like a new project.
I tried Plan A. and found myself making excuses not to knit.  Plan A sucked.
Plan B.  I worked on a Christmas present and ordered yarn.  When after a week I picked up the second sock I was ready.  Success !  So August 25th I was done with both socks.  Whoo-Whoo !

I've gotten so many compliments on these socks regarding the color combination.  My decision went like this. "Look that brown in this yarn matches the brown and yellow in this yarn.  Okay it's a match !"   I made socks out of Lion Brand Sock Ease Solids earlier this year and the yarn was soft, felt good but Lion Brand Sock Ease Print colorways are not soft at all.  The socks are very warm and when I put them on It felt like they were hugging my feet.  Patons yarn of course never disappoints.  I can't say enough good things about Patons Kroy.  I love the all their colorways too.

My August sock pattern is the Vanilla Frappe made from Lion Brand Sock Ease Print in Lemon Drop.  The accent yarn is Patons Kroy Sock in the colorway Flax.  These are done on US 2. 

There were a lot of posts on Facebook complaining about the Eclispe and the hoopla surrounding it.  I could not relate to this at all because I was excited and couldn't wait.  Two weeks before I was on Pinterest looking up Eclipse cookie and cupcake designs and Eclipse activities for my neighbors grandchildren.  To be excited about an Eclipse is normal to me.  You can't imagine how pleased I was with the Eclipse themed patterns that came out on Ravelry.  I didn't have a lot of time for creating this month but I knew I wanted to make these Eclipse coasters.  These were my Eclipse quick-fix patterns.

The first Coaster Solar Eclipse Coaster is from a pattern by Tamara Adams.  The second coaster is called Solar Eclipse Coaster  by Jennie Claver.  Simple circles and edgings done in one sitting.

Both coasters are made from Lily and Cream cotton.  I wanted a much brighter yellow but Michael's was out.  I only made two because they're just for me.

I'll be going through my mind thinking of which hat pattern to start on, which fingering for my October socks and I'd like to crochet something. 

Have a Great Week ! 


Joansie said...

Love the socks as well as the coasters. You did well with a time crunch looming above.

Veronica said...

The socks look great. I think I'm going to adopt your plan A so I can get my socks done.

Two Cables and a Frapp said...

Thank You Joansie !

Two Cables and a Frapp said...
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karen said...

beautiful socks and I love the color combination! I can see why you get so many compliments. I am upping my knitting game and adding more time dedicated to knitting, I'll probably listen to podcasts while doing so.

kathy b said...

Im glad you finsihed your sock and found your mojo again!! I had not seen the eclipse coasters! WOW

Joansie said...

I love the socks, really like them a lot. I am totally impresses with your solar eclipse coasters. I didn't even think of anything along those lines and wish I had because I was with my family at the ocean and the eclipse sure was awesome. In 2024 (yr.?) the best viewing for it will be right here in Burlington, Vermont and already there are parties being planned down on the waterfront (of Lake Champlain). Can't wait.