Wednesday, November 19, 2014

My Son's Nakniswemo Sweater ~ WIP Day

Last week I was blog hopping and came across a few NAKNISWEMO posts and remembered I promised myself to participate in the NAKNISWEMO KAL in 2012 which didn't happen.  Then I promised myself in 2013 and no.  It didn't happen.  So 2014 Here I Am !  I'm doing it !

Yes I know I've got other projects to finish up but I need to do this okay ?  I was planning to eek out a sweater for my Son as a holiday gift so there here I go.

The pattern is from a Patons booklet that I've had for years.  The booklet is in the Ravelry database but for some reason this sweater is not included on Ravelry.  It's called Reverse Stripes Pullover.  I'm using Cascade 220 - Superwash in black, grey and a lighter gray.  As you can see the pattern is an easy peasy.

Wish me luck because I really want to successfully do this NAKNISWEMO.


Anonymous said...

Looks like you picked a great pattern! You can do it .......knit like the wind!

kathy b said...

Gorgeous Sweater pick

elns said...

I'm cheering you on! It's a great pattern, I love the gradient effect.

autumngeisha said...

A very handsome sweater pattern. I love your color choices. Good look with the knitting and getting it done!