Wednesday, May 7, 2014

An Undecided WIP and a Couple of False Starts

Don't You just love it when you've found the perfect little pattern and yarn and you're itching and gunning to go on a new project ?  Well me too. 

I found the prettiest yarn for this baby blanket.

I started a zig-zag blanket except the pattern is a bit wonky and the blanket was not going to be large enough.  My gauge was pretty correct but there just weren't enough zigs and zags.  I tore it down and will start it over at a later date.

For those of you the follow my Two Cables page on Face Book you know that I've been playing around with crochet a bit.  I started as a crocheter when I was a teen and I'd like to get back into it.  I started working on this triangle in a pink Malabrigo lace.  The yarn is of course a dream to work with but I have had to tear it down a few times because my gauge is all over the place.  I'm working slowly though trying to perfect (as much as possible) my stitches as I go.

Okay now this is an actual FO that will be completed.  I haven't chosen a pattern yet but this is going to be a shawl.  The yarn is DK weight and I'm knitting until I reach close to 150 stitches then I will search for a lace shawl pattern. 

So I didn't have much to show for WIP Wednesday but I am knitting... sort of.

Enjoy Your Day !


elns said...

Oh I'm enjoying your WIPs! Who doesn't love rainbows. But I also really like the pink in the crochet, and the calmness the shawl blue gray seems to evoke. I am over crochet, I have problems with losing where I am if it's not a square and I don't know if it's because I get really tense when I crochet, but it hurts my hands more. Weird? I'm barely knitting these days. But I daydream about it a lot and know there is at least one long weekend this month with knitting written all over it :)

Dee said...

Your projects look great. The baby blanket yarn is such happy colors!

The crochet yarn is gorgeous! Can't wait to see what that one looks like when it is finished.

Happy knitting and CROCHETING!

autumngeisha said...

That pink Malabrigo Lace looks yummy to work with. I have a few in my stash and now I'm thinking I need to find some appropriate projects for them. Your crochet looks good. I just signed up for a refresher course with Cal Patch on Craftsy. It is nice to take a break from knitting every once and a while.