Wednesday, November 27, 2013

News from the Cave

It has happened again.  That knitting thing.  It’s not startitis nor is it a knitting block but instead it’s the opposite.  Something in the crafting part of my brain clicked and connected to the holiday gifting section of my brain and I’ve been knitting like crazy and quite obsessively.  I have loads of yarn ready to be made into gifts and I’m churning my hats and mitts out in assembly-line style.  It is so important to me to get the gifts done that I’ve put down my book and a few other me-projects and I am in a bonafide  knitting zone.  I have passed up lunch and dinner with friends because I must knit.  I have a bunch of FOs that could have posted weeks ago but I’ve opted to just knit and knit and knit until I get past a certain amount of gifts that will give me that ahhhhh feeling.  So, forgive me for not posting WIPs or FOs lately and please forgive if I haven’t visited and commented on blogs lately.  I really do appreciate you visiting mine.  All of that will come soon.


A woman unable to leave her knitting cave
(for now)

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madameknitter1 said...

If only most of us could catch that obsessive knitting bug. Funny