Monday, November 18, 2013

I Am Amazed by Me

if that makes any sense. 

I'll explain.  I am actually enjoying shopping for yarn to make gifts.  I am having fun with my pattern choices but most of all I am amazed at how well I'm coming along with my determination of moving gifts out of the way.  Is it possible that I WON'T be knitting gifts and sending them out the week before Christmas ?  My fingers are crossed and that would be a first. 

Like I said, I'm finding this new organized knitting self amazing. 

By the way...

I think I have found the perfect hat pattern for those really cold northern winters.  The combination is a Wool-Ease Thick & Quick and the Close-knit Waffle hat pattern (free Rav link).  This yarn with this stitch makes a totally dense hat.  I even purchased more yarn this weekend to make a couple more. 

It almost looks like a brick wall doesn't it ? 
 For those of you that haven't tried any of the Wool-ease yarns, they are great.
I saw the cutest commercial last night.  It's called the Gifter.  You've probably seen it but I had to laugh remembering those days when I bought all gifts and how a couple family members and I were in the unspoken competition of trying to give the best gifts.  For years I would have called myself a professional gifter.  I had every size, favorite color, likes and dislikes of family and friends etched in my brain.  I was never off.  Ohhh the money we must have spent on that game.  Funny. 

Anyway, on to more holiday knitting.  Enjoy Your day !


madameknitter1 said...

That is a great sturdy looking hat.

autumngeisha said...

I was squishing some Wool-ease last evening at Jo-Anne's. Great yarn and price point. Disappointingly, they did not have the colors that I was looking for. Love the waffle knit stitch on the hat. It is a great unisex pattern.