Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Some for Them and Just a Wee Bit for Me

 I'm not doing so bad in the Working-on-Knitted-Holiday-Gift's department.  Most of my family really like hand knitted hats and they have requested hats and I am happy about that because a hats are quick.  I'm so relieved that no one asked for a scarf or cabled socks !  In any case I'm working on projects for my cousin Freddy, his wife Sara and their 4 children (2 girls, 2 boys).  As most of my family I put Freddy and Sara into the wash & wear category for knitting.  This makes sense of course.  They have four children, she home schools, the girls are heavily into ballet and goodness knows what else and that's only the girls.  There's no time for washing by hand and blocking.  Forget about it. 

I have not figured out which hat pattern I'm going to make cousin Freddy but for the ladies I have made a white Unoriginal for his wife Sara, a blue Unoriginal for his youngest daughter Jennifer and I'm just casting on a pink one for the oldest daughter Isabella.  For the two boys I have no idea as to which hat patterns I'm going with.  I know their favorite colors are red and blue so I should have fun knitting those up.

For their Unoriginal's I'm using Serenity chunky weight.  The label says that it's wash and dry.  I have not used it or myself so I hope it doesn't melt in the dryer.  I will say that it is very, very soft and nice to work with. 
Last week I was feeling a little guilty for taking time to knit for ME but I'm over that now.  A few days ago I received this Cherry Tree Hill Supersock in the mail and it is so soft and pretty that I wound it immediately and started knitting.  The colorway is Pickle Juice it's just so very pretty !  I've worked with a few other Cherry Tree Hill yarns but this is my first time working with Supersock.  I love it and my only complaint is that the skein has only 340 yards.  I think the norm for Supersock is 350 yards but my skein was marked 340 yards.  It would be nice if they could stretch Supersock to 375 or 400.   

Since the skein is only 340 yards I had to go with a vanilla pattern.  I don't think I have to say which pattern this is do I  ?
Happy knitting and enjoy the rest of Your week.


madameknitter1 said...

Those hats do look very soft. I am looking forward to making the Unoriginal myself. I am online right now looking for Supersock because that is lovely.

Nancy McCarroll said...

The next pair of. Socks will be plain ones, but adding in a purl st every fourth stitch, just to beak it up a bit.

Have a happy time knitting up gifts.

Spinster Beth said...

Oh gosh ... I knitted gifts one year. It was so expensive and I thought I would go out of my mind! Although I really did treasure the hand-knits my mum made for me, and I've had the quilt my gram gave me for 40 years now! Sometimes there's just no substitute for made-with-love.

autumngeisha said...

What a terrific looking hat. Hats are my main gift knitting items, also. I knit new ones for my son and husband every year. Such a pretty yarn for the socks.

Cat said...

The Unoriginal is my favorite chunky. The pink one is very pretty.