Thursday, September 26, 2013

More Yarn for My Stash and a Discounted Pattern

Hey Again !
I'm having a great week so far.  I received these in the mail yesterday.  They are oldies but goodies and I have coveted and salivated over the thought of owning them for a while.

STR in Lucky
Madeline Tosh Sock in Pool
Both of these will more likely end up being socks. 
Oh and these mitts are called Toby Mitts by Charlotte Knits.  They are normally priced at $5.00 but until her birthday she has them at 20% off ($4.00).  I love the simplicity of them so I will be making them.
The pattern is made for fingering yarn.
Continue on with Your Fabulous week !!!

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madameknitter1 said...

Pretty yarn. The mitts are nice also.