Thursday, September 12, 2013

I Fed My Fever (Just a little anyway)

This is a tiny project but it should get the knitting-ball rolling for me since I haven't completed anything for a while. 
A week or so ago I was looking at Beate's photos of pairs of socks she had completed.  She had two pairs of adult socks but what caught my eye were her baby socks.  They were so cute and adorable and I just had to make some little socks.
The pattern is an easy-peasy called Simple Baby Socks (Rav link) and if you're ever in the mood to do a quick and mindless little pair then this would be the pattern.  I used size US 2 needles and the yarn is something acrylic and random from my scraps.  In any case I adore them.

I'll be putting them in my box of Gifts-Without-An-Owner-Yet box. 

Talk to You soon !


Sheila said...

Cute socks. With fall setting in I am itching to pick up my crochet hooks. By the time I pick them up hopefully my tendonitis will be in remission.

madameknitter1 said...

Very cute little socks.