Saturday, January 26, 2013

A Not-So-Much-About-Knitting Post

Hello and a happy weekend to you all ! 

Regarding knitting, I have been knitting everyday but I'm not going to talk about it much in this post. 

You know how busy I am and always behind in most things.  Really, instead of Two Cables my name should be more like Knitter-Who-Lives-Under-A-Big-Rock !  LOL !  Hmmm, I like that.  In any case, yesterday I finally got a chance to rent Beasts of the Southern Wild.  I'm in love !  Watched it twice last night and once this morning.  Oh what a movie.  My emotions kept running from happy to wondrous to sad throughout.  What a culture or should I say sub-culture this movie presents to us.  Food for thought and great debate for my friends and I. 

Everyone has probably seen it but did you see it yet ?  Did you like it or love it ? 

As soon as I find it on sale somewhere it's mine.

Ooookay, maybe a little knitting

Remember the cowl I started for my friend Stephanie ?  Well, I finished it and though I enjoyed knitting it I began to wonder why I decided to add all the cables.  Well actually I know why.  Stephanie saw my son's hat and cowl and said she wanted one.  I wanted to make hers prettier so I fancied it up with cables.  A few days ago I lost count on one of the cables and cabled the row too short then I put it down.  When I came back to it I forgot where I was again and cabled an extra row then had to take it down.  Headache...  Okay I got everything straightened out but after I did the actual bind off and tried the cowl on it was waaay too tall so I had to take down one of the cables.  I should have completed the cowl and the hat by now but I just started on the hat a couple of days ago !  GeeWiz or as we say on FaceBook smh !  It's all straightened out and it was all my fault.  I have a WIP Wednesday post to do and after that I should be posting Stephanie's completed hat and cowl.

More patterns from Ravelry that I love !

Bear with me if you're familiar with some of these patterns.

I really like the Make-up socks by Kristin Kapur.  The Joy of Sox is a book that I coveted but never put any effort into purchasing.  These are so pretty though I'd make them a bit longer.  Wouldn't they be great just under the knee !

Also, the #20/Rib Cardigan by Gayle Bunn from the Vogue Knitting, Holiday 2004.  I have always love this cardigan and who doesn't want a cabled cardi anyway.  These cables are spread far apart, not overwhelming.  This would go fairly quick.  I'm behind in my sweater knitting.  I didn't make one in 2012 but may have a go at it this year.  Very pretty !

Cora by Andrea Black I love this sweater.  I love the cables and the design.

I'm more of a cardi lover but THIS I would make and wear.  I'd have to do a few sit-ups before wearing it !  Again, we're talking about minimal cables spaced far apart.  This looks like an easy-peasy to me. 

Anyway, all of you enjoy your weekend and I hope to see you here this week sometime.


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Sheila said...

Never heard of it and guess its safe to say I live under a rock too. Pretty cowl neck and especially the cable detail. Ooooh pretty knits.