Saturday, October 27, 2012

Mom's Replacement Gift

Hello Everyone !  I've been doing just fine.  How are things with you ?

My schedule is down to four days a week but I'm working 10 - 14 hours a night depending.  I'm almost finished with my courses and will be registering again soon.  I'm going to be nervy enough to take three or four courses instead of two.  I'm on FaceBook all the time since I have my cell with me all the time.  I'm able to fit knitting in whenever I can.  I'm determined to get some holiday gifts done. 

This is just a plain but pretty garter stitch scarf with fringe.  No pattern, just purl every row.  If I am using large needles I knit every row.  For smaller needles, I purl every row.

The yarn is Rowan Scottish Tweed in Machair shade 033 knitted on US 7 needles. I used roughly two skeins. 

Since this scarf is for my Mom, of course there's a story to go along with it.  --  Back in 2008 my Mom told me she wanted a winter scarf with cables so I started on the Debbie Bliss Cable and Bobble scarf.  Oh, it was so much fun.  I followed the pattern exactly (which means nothing to a non-knitter) and knitted it the exact length which I'm finding out some months ago that it's "Just too long ! I'd like something shorter and plain !".  Oooooookay Lady, I mean Mom !  I went over so many patterns, I started about four scarves and kept tearing them down.  One day I thought, wait a minute !  This scarf is causing me waaaaay too much stress.  I set the patterns aside, logged off Ravelry, grabbed this yarn and needles and viola !  I purposelyused yarn that was almost the same color as the previous scarf  I made her.  She loves the color and I think she will like it.

Here is a photo of me wearing the Cable and Bobble scarf.  It's just draped across the front of my neck.  I wanted to show how the length.  It IS long but I'm like 5' 10" and my mom is my height or a bit taller.  I think she doesn't want to wrap a scarf more than twice.
This was such a fun pattern to do !
Now I need to work on her hats.
Enjoy your week everyone !


caknitter said...

Gorgeous scarf. Your mom will love it. :-)

hakucho said...

You can't go wrong with garter stitch! She'll love this one :)

....but your cable scarf is gorgeous!There are so many ways to wear along one :)