Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Really, Who Came Up With This Stuff ?

Boucle, how do you feel about it ?

If I were going to base my opinion on this Claudia Hand Painted Boucle gifted to me two years ago, I would say that I really, really dislike boucle. -- Had you asked me last year I my response would have been;

Last year I tried five different needle sizes with about three projects. It doesn't matter what size needle you use or how slick the needle is, this boucle is just difficult. Nooooo, it's not me, it's the boucle.

Claudia Hand Painted Boucle is a combination of mohair, wool and nylon. I think it's the natural fibers in the boucle form that are a problem for me. I don't plan on knitting with a acrylic boucle ever but I will say that an acrylic would be a much easier yarn to knit with.

There are approximately 102 projects on Ravelry using this yarn. If there are that many projects, then I should be able to make something.

It is a really pretty yarn though. The color is Terra Cotta, 432 yards and it's soft. I have chosen a shawl pattern for my mother. The pattern is Janet's Shawl (Rav Link) and shows the sample knit in Lion Brand's Homespun. This will be another quick easy peasy knit.

See, all I did was lay it down to be photographed and look at what it does. All potential for tangles with no possibility of ripping back.

I may start this one next week. I have completed my Multnomah. I just don't feel like blocking it.

Toodles all, have a wonderful day !


hakucho said...

...and I thought Lion Brand's Homespun was bad....those tangles..oh, my I can see why you dislike the yarn. Good luck when you finally decide to actually knit with it :)

At Home Mommy Knits said...

I am not a fan of boucle either. I made a sweater for my daughter and it is cute and soft but it wasn't fun to knit.

Camille said...

You are a much braver knitter than I am. Boucle's and Mohair's are the main two tha I stay away from.

Melodye said...

Actually, I can see possibilities with it, not just as a knitting yarn. If you have a felting machine (or access to one) you could felt it to another piece of fabric and use it as a scarf, on collars, cuffs and pcocket flaps. Just not knit with it! LOL!

Nik said...

I can count the number of times I've knit with boucle on one hand...but I haven't had a problem with it. I've usually made scarves and knit with very large needles (Size US15 or 17)...but sounds like you might have already tried that.