Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Oh How Many Ways; The Baktus

When I did a search of the Baktus under patterns in Ravelry it gave me 26 patterns (Rav Link). There were so many different ones that I was almost swayed away from my original plan. You can have a Baktus almost any way you want these days.

Lets see, ya got the lacy baktus, ruffled, two colored, scalloped, picot edged, plain, eyelet edged, ribbed, skinny, fat, shawl size, fancy edged. There is even one that’s Clapotis like. You name it, you got it. Over the years, the Baktus has become ever so versatile.

The Baktus by Strikkelise went into my que years and years ago. I always thought it was the cutest little thing. It seem to make it’s appearance before shawlettes became popular and I kept saying to myself as I do about my other 1,200 qued items. I’m gonna make you some day.

Well the day has come and I am working on my first Baktus. I’m using Noro Sock #240. It’s pinks/purples/grays and reds and very pretty. I have always adored the Lacy Baktus by Tehri which is turning out to be a wonderful project.

Simple yet so pretty.

Ooooh I think I will be making this one again soon. It's a free pattern and television compatible. No real concentration needed for this one.


Gale said...

It's so pretty Carolyn.

Eryka Jackson said...

that is so pretty!

Camille said...

Really pretty.

cici said...

oh way cool... I have had this pattern in mind for quite some time now. Maybe I will make it next♥