Wednesday, January 12, 2011

If You Look Over My Shoulder...

All you see is snow, snow, snow.

Yes, Georgia was hit with that traveling winter storm a few days ago. The snow wasn't even three inches and most businesses shut down. So, I've been sitting at home for the past few days taking advantage of Netflix and knitting. I went out back and took more photos of some of my older projects. I'm still working on making my Ravelry project page look better. So many of the photos were dark due to an old not-so-good camera.

This is an old bulky Lopi sweater that I only wore once or twice. It is incredibly itchy so for most of it's life, it has stayed in the closet. I gave it to my cousin and mom and they gave it back because they could not take the itchiness.

I took brighter photos of my mohair cardigan also.

It looks good in almost any light though.

The Big Snow

The night before the big snow, I was chumming around with friends. We were sipping Zinfandel, playing cards and watching television. All of us are from somewhere north of Georgia so we were making cracks and laughing at the Georgians panic over the little snow that was coming. The news showed people filling their gas tanks and going to buy water and food. All of this for a few inches of snow.
The next morning I went out, warmed up my car to go to Walmart. There were hardly any cars out. Where was everyone ? I mean, it's only snow.
Though I had laughed the night before with my northern pals, the joke was also on me because most of the food sections in Walmart had been cleaned out.

Here is the sugar shelf. I was fortunate to find one box of turbinado sugar.

Here is the egg section. Only the over priced eggs are left.

I always purchase a gallon of 2% milk. There was none. Vanilla Silk was nowhere to be seen. All of the organic milk was gone. I had to settle for a half gallon of whole milk.

I guess the next time we are anticipating a snow day, I will take it more serious. Not because of the snow but because I may want to buy food.


Sheila said...

Your sweaters are gorgeous.

hakucho said...

Beautiful sweaters! That same storm brought us almost 2 feet of snow here :) - that's a lot for us.
Bad winter everywhere!

caknitter said...

Hilarious! I guess people don't want to starve in case they're trapped by the big snow storm.
I love the sweaters, especially the mohair. Beautiful color.:-)

kshotz said...

Too bad the Lopi is itchy as it is very striking! The mohair cardi is such a beautiful color too! Funny that you got pics of the wiped out store shelves. Those Georgians would never make it in Iowa! The news said there is snow on the ground in 49 of the 50 states, only Florida doesn't have some. (Made me wonder, where's the snow in Hawaii??)