Thursday, November 4, 2010

Wasn't I Holiday Knitting Just a Few Months Ago ?

The shawlette for my Mom has come along quite nicely. So well in fact that I only need to do the edging.

This ball of lilac colored yarn below has been in my bin for a few years and is either a Galway or a Sirdar. I really cannot remember. It matches the shawl well enough and will be one of the two hats that I make to coordinate with the shawl.

A few days ago I cast on the Anemoon hat because I really like it. After about two inches into the ribbing and being dogged by thoughts and doubts of my mother perhaps not liking it, I tore it down and decided to make her a hat similar to the Debbie Bliss 04 Cabled Beret that I made for her last year. She absolutely loves that hat. This weekend I'll do some slouch and beret-pattern shopping on Ravelry and print out a pattern that is similar to the Cable Beret. My mom is a bit picky.

How Is Your Holiday Knitting Coming Along ?
Have You Started ?

I've purchased most of my yarns and have even worked on a few projects. I'm knitting with less stress than last year because most of my family and friends have expressed the need for other-than-knitted items this year.

Hooray for that !!!


Joansie said...

Lucky mom!!!! It's beautiful. This is the first year that I am not knitting any Christmas gifts.....yet!

hakucho said...

Good for you getting an early start. I haven't started my Christmas knitting yet, but I will start Sunday...for sure :)

happy knitting :)

rubbishknitter said...

shawl looks great! i love green and purple together. (I've just finished one xmas gift, but have about eleventy billion to go)

Sheila said...

Beautiful shawl and love the lavender/purple colors. I have not begun any x-mas crocheting or sewing and so behind.

kshotz said...

Wow, gorgeous shawl! I've gotten behind in my blog reading....congrats on your blogiversary! Great pictures and I enjoyed catching up with all you've been doing. (I really like blogging too!)

I'm busy doing slippers for Christmas.

AYAH said...

Very interesting!

SusanB-knits said...

Beautiful shawl! I don't think I'll get much holiday knitting done this year. But I've told myself that is ok. I'll be madly working on a cross-stitch Christmas stocking for the grandbaby.

Beate said...

You are such a good knitter and good with colours. I love both hats, but understand why you will go safe;-)
I startet long time ago knitting holiday knits.
And about the TG.- will you attend? I understand your dilemma, but I say go for it.Have a great time ( and think: you will not sweat over pots and pans for hours.)