Friday, October 8, 2010

Step Away From The Acrylic Carolyn... NOT !

Let me confess right not that I fell off of the wagon the other day. My yarn wagon that is. Yes, it’s my own personal wagon having to do with acrylics. I’ve been struggling with the will power to not purchase 100% or near 100% acrylics. They’re just sooooooo pretty though. I mean, the colors are vibrant in a way that no natural yarn could ever be vibrant (unless it’s a Wollmeise).

I have a lot of acrylic, most of it was given to me. I hardly ever knit with it and yet, I can’t seem to just throw the stuff away. I won’t give it away or donate it. Why can’t I step away from the acrylic?

I was in Hobby Lobby the other day picking up a bunch of candles that were 50% off. I could have just grabbed my candles and headed towards the register but no, I ended up crossing to the other side to look at the yarn. Why do I do it? Why do I even take the time to look at the Hobby Lobby yarn? The store in my town has a good amount of yarn, only thing is about 80% of it is acrylic. I can’t really do a thing with it. 100% Acrylic turns me off. Yet, those colors lure me into thinking that I could make a sweater out of this Red Heart along with a matching hat and scarf. -- Just as I’m about to grab a few skeins of the acrylic, the rational/stronger Carolyn says; “You know you’re not going to knit anything with that stuff don’t you?” So instead of grabbing a few skeins, I may take one then return it on my next visit to Hobby Lobby.

This trip however, I came across a Patons Lace yarn and yes, I bought a skein. It’s just soooooooooooo pretty. It is not entirely acrylic but the majority of it is. I purchased a skein of the purple/white/green for my mother.

The photos were taken with my camera phone in Hobby Lobby.

Green was always her favorite color and purple is a really majestic and spiritual color for her. The white mellows those two colors out. I’m going to quickly do another Simple-Yet-Effective for her holiday gift. My plan is to have it finished before she can call from Michigan to request something. If I remember correctly, last year she said she ‘simply wanted a hat’. That simply-wanting-a-hat had me tearing down two hats before I finally made her the hat the way she wanted it made. So, when she calls my daughter and says something like; “Tell your mother I’d like a hat, mittens and scarf with this and that and this and that…” My daughter will only be able to reply; “Oh Grandma, she already made you something”.

I thought of doing a shawl with a lace edging but my mother would find something to say about it so I’m sticking with straight lines baby.

I think she will be happy when she unwraps this gift.


caknitter said...

I can't resist new yarn either even though I have bags full of the stuff. I love the purple too! Your mother is going to love her new knits.

Joansie said...

I'm with you. I have bins of acrylic (when it was so popular 35 years ago, will probably never knit it, though it's pretty but doesn't feel soft.

Rough week at work so I soothes myself by going to my LYS yesterday and buying yarn. There could be mush worse vices, right?

Amybel said...

I have the same acrylic yarn problem, inherited bins and bins in every color. I keep telling myself I should save them to make indestructable stuff for the kids but I could never knit all of it up if that's all I ever knit with!
I'm looking forward to seeing that color pattern come out in the shawl.

hakucho said...

Paton's lace...that's a new one for me...will have to keep a look out for it :) It will make a beautiful shawl. I've been trying so hard to use up yarn from my stash. You really do have to have self control when you are in a yarn shop!

Sheila said...

Oooh go on and work up that acrylic blend... you will enjoy it. I am an acrylic queen... love the synthetic stuff. I actually picked up my crochet hook this week and in the process of making a sweater jacket... and yes in 100% acrylic. Once I finish it I soak it in fabric softner and feel that is lessens the abrasiveness of the fibers and with continued wear it softens.

Looking forward to your mothers knit gift.

Shandy said...

I recently succumbed to twenty large balls of acrylic because I'd seen the throws made by Lucy at attic 24. I don't crochet myself and my living room has more of a William Morris aesthetic - but the images on that site are just sooo persuasive.

MissMasala5 said...

Just the other day I was lamenting the fact that the nearest Hobby Lobby was so far away from my home (DD wanted me to take her there for her DIY Halloween costume project), but now, I don't feel so badly because I wouldn't have been able to resist buying new yarn. BTW, I am an equal opportunity yarnophile--natural, synthetic, plant, animal, insect, plastic shopping bags--I love it all.

Nik said...

I almost bought some of that the other day, as our local A.C. Moore had it on sale for 3.49 a ball. I had to stop myself, though, as I remembered all the lace weight yarn I have in stash that has yet to be used.