Monday, June 21, 2010

Wips and Some Lovelies

I'm working on two projects that are almost brainless, both have a lot of straight stitching which is good when watching a movie or working off stress. I've completed about 3/4 of the body of my Freyja sweater (I don't have a photo). So, it's coming along nicely.

I've completed both back and front of the Diamond Rain vest with the exception of the shoulders. I should be working on those tomorrow. I'm not only pleased with my choice of pattern for my little cousin but I love the color and Wool-Ease is such a soft joy to work with.


This skein of Cherry Tree Hill Silk & Merino DK is oh so soft and would make a lovely cowl or hat or scarf or even gloves. I haven't decided yet. The skein is 313 yards so the potential for either of those options is great. The color is Spring Frost. It's really all baby pastels but I like it.

I'm in love with the blue of this Nashua Creative Focus. The color is Carolina Blue. This is the only skein I have and with it being only 220 yards, it's destined to be a hat. I've rubbed the skein against my face and neck over and over and it doesn't appear to be itchy. It just looks itchy to me so, hat it is. So far.


Gale said...

Pretty, pretty.

Camille said...

That was a good yarn choice for your pattern. It looks very soft and I love your hat yarns.

Eryka Jackson said...

Hi Carolyn,

The pink sweater will be a dream when it is finished.

Joansie said...

Love the Cherry Hill and can't wait to see what you select for a pattern.

Beate said...

your blog just looks very summery and light- >I love it.
Also the pink cable sweather will be fabulous. Love the hat yarn.