Friday, June 4, 2010

We're Half Way Through

Well, that was a short month. Did you notice how short May was? Here it is June and we are halfway through the Knit/Craft year already.

Lion Brand Wool-Ease in Rose Heather. So Pretty.

So... How is your crafting going so far? Are you chugging along, staying on point or exceeding your expectations ? Me? Oh, I'm chugging, or just barely chugging. I don't know where I was last June in terms of how many projects I'd done. For 2009, I had 19 projects posted and 7 unposted. Twenty six projects total for 2009. Not a lot but more progress than I've made this year. We're halfway through the year and I've only got six projects. Okay, it's been a challenging first six months for my 2010. Now if I were to count the wip's, that number would go up from six to thirteen projects. I won't count the wip's though because most of them are going to be taken down.

Have You Ever Heard the Expression

si quiere hacer risa de Dios le dice sus planes

If You Want to Make God Laugh
Tell Him Your Plans

January of this year my thoughts, intentions and plans were very industrious. Then health and care issues came up with my dad consuming a lot of my time, keeping me stressed which did not allow me to knit. On the other hand though, I've met a wonderful person to put his arm around me and say "It will be alright". This is a good thing but new relationships can take one away from knitting also.

I don't feel guilty about not knitting but I do miss it. So, as things have settled down, now that my dad is more stable, I can relax a bit more. Mr. Willy being a retired gent allows us to spend a lot of time together. I'll just have to work my knitting in, that's all. Sometimes, Change is good.


Remember the shawl I was working on with the Malabrigo Lace. I called it my Pooling Shawl. Well... I'm not going to complete it. I am going to take it down and put the yarn away for a while. I can't explain why. It wasn't all of the flashing of the yarn, the yarn is really pretty. Instead of keeping it as a wip, I'm taking it down.

I owe gifts to my cousin's two daughters. I'm making his oldest Isabella a pink vest out of the Lionbrand Wool Ease which is pictured above. The plan is to make her the Diamond Rain Vest by Sandi Luck.

Though I didn't want to, I may have to start on a hat also. You know, just to get me going. Hopefully my knitting-hat-addiction will not take over. I should make a note to myself to stop at four or five hats.
Oh well, I must go now so I can choose a nice little hat pattern and yarn.
Toodles !!!


Sheila said...

Don't sweat the knitting... when you are ready to hear the clicking of your needles, the projects will begin flying and twirling into FOs.

Camille said...

You did a lot of knitting last year. Relax, enjoy your dad's recovery and Mr. Willie. Try not to make too many hats !

Camille said...

I will add that I had one or two completed projects last year and none for the year. You are doing fine.

Anonymous said...

Well begun is half done. ............................................................

Beate said...

Dont be so hard on your self.I get stressed reading blogs where new projects are shown almost every day. I knit when I feel like it and so should all.
Enjoy ( starting boot camp tomorrow- that will be exhitingj!!)