Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Snake In The Grass

or should I say; What's Going On In The World of the Non-Knitting.

Non-Knitter, that's what I've become these days. I have about four or five WIPs sitting on needles just taking up space. In all fairness, I shouldn't even call them WIPs, none of them are past row three. They look like colorful pasta strung on a knitting needle. A knitting kabob if you will.

It's okay though, I can't say that I am unhappy with this unproductive knitting stage because I've been busy. I'm having a small Memorial Day bash at my place that I'm really excited about. The place I was at before was much too small to have even four people over without feeling crowded.

There has been much shopping going on and so far the menu looks like this;

Macaroni n' Cheese, barbequed chicken, beef barbequed hotdogs and kielbasa. Hamburgers. Mr. Willy may bring a few slabs of ribs for he and his friends. Pork n' beans, green beans with potatoes, potato salad, whole kernel corn (possibly fried corn if I have enough time). Sodas, sweet tea (I am in Georgia) and punch.

Desserts are up in the air. So far I may do a Lemon Pound cake, peach pie (a special request) and a store bought sweet something.

Did I Say Snake ?

My buddy Mr. Willy drives two counties over to his sisters home and works on a huge family vegetable garden. He drives out sometimes twice a week. So last week Mr. Willy is just working away with his hoe and hears something. He turns around and there is the largest rattlesnake he'd ever seen. I think he must have startled the snake because it turned around to slither away. Mr. Willy said he was just standing there in shock when something told him;

"Fool, you have a hoe in your hand, use it !"

With that, he went after the snake and caught it in the back of it's head. He hit it a few times and it was dead. He then grabbed it up and threw it towards the road.

Whew !!!

A little while later his brother found the snake to get the rattle off, I asked him why didn't he get the head for me. His brother scolded him about the way he killed the snake. Apparently hitting the snake in the back of the head releases the venom throughout the body. His brother wanted the snake to sell for the meat. Mr. Willy says a certain kind of folk eat rattlesnake meat.

Mr. Willy killed the snake because he didn't want to run into it again in his garden. My reaction would have been the opposite. You see, I would have immediately dropped the hoe and made a really quick b-line past the house and to my car. Oh, and then I would have driven home.

Yeah, it's tales and moments like these that remind me that I am no longer in Michigan. We do have dangerous critters in Michigan but they will be in certain areas. Like way up north or in the forest. Georgia is pretty scary especially outside of the city. Not only are there rattlesnake here but there are coyote. Now I have to be really careful about where I go to pick wildflowers.

I'm-a- learnin'...


Amybel said...

I love your post today. I can just picture the yarn kabobs. And I would have done the same thing, ran to my car and driven away like I was in a Nascar race! What time does the party start? I'd be happy to bring strawberry rhubarb pie. If I was anywhere near Georgia, that is :).

Have a great time and enjoy the holiday.

Gale said...

So glad Mr. Willie didn't get a nasty bite. We have coyotes here too. We saw one a couple of weeks ago in a field just outside of Niagara Falls.

Melodye said...

I'm with you on the snake thing. I was almost afraid to open your post because I was skeered there'd be a snake and then there it was! I don't have a mojo. I'm as scattered as a mosquito on speed. I can't settle down to anything and I don't have a party as an excuse. If my daughter were still there you'd have an uninvited guest but I promise you'd bring a cream cheese poundcake. Have fun and enjoy your break! TTYL, Melodye

Joansie said...

Peach pie......I'm-a-coming!!!

Had a similar incident with a rattlesnake while in Colorado last year. I didn't know I could run so fast.

Camille said...

Your Sir Willie is very brave. I would not think twice about the snake, only getting myself out of there. You are not alone, I am not knitting either.

Sheila said...

Glad to know Mr.Willy was not bitten. There would have been dust every where from me running so fast and a nervous wreck the rest of the day. LoL @ knitting kabobs.

MissMasala5 said...

What a spread! Mouth watering, indeed. Enjoy the holiday :)

PS: I'm sad that the snake was killed since it was slithering away, but the thought of encountering it again justifies it, I suppose.