Saturday, October 10, 2009

My Tempo

First of all, thank you all very
much for all of the nice compliments
on my Yoke Pullover !

I haven't been up to much lately.
It's been mostly work and a just a little knitting.

The main cable is about a 24 row repeat incorporated with eyelets.
This is not a cable that I would have chosen to work if it were pared with other cables. Rosi has pared it with a simple straight stitch throughout the body. I love this combination.

I was on Ravelry one day last week searching patterns and saw the Tempo Vest by RosiG (she's the Soapy Knitter). I know a lot of you know Rosi but for those of you that don't; she designed the Capitan Hat and who hasn't heard about or seen the Capitan hat ?

Her newest pattern is called the Tempo Vest. When I saw that big eyeleted cable running up the front of the vest, well, I had to have it. I am using Cascade 220 Heathers in a kind of deep mauve. As you can see, it't a really beautiful color.


Gale said...

Oh yes indeed that is a lovely colour. And the pattern's cute.

Joansie said...

I love the vest and the colorway is beautiful. YOu can't go wrong with Cascade 2220. I purchased some yesterday.

Lupie said...

She is a very gifted designer. The pattern on the vest is amazing.

Latisha said...

What an awesome pattern, and the Cascade 2220 you chose will work beautifully. Love, love, love the colorway - have a great time knitting and please keep us posted on its progress :)

Camille said...

Your Cascade is beautiful. It photographs well too.

cici said...

it's great, can't wait to see more of it♥