Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Fair Isle Dreams

My dream was interrupted by knitting the other night. That’s right, knitting floated and landed onto my dream. When I saw what type of knitting it was, the other dream had to go.

Though I don’t recall my being in a chair or on a sofa, I must have been sitting on something because sweater yokes were landing onto my lap and at my feet. The yokes were all attractive with wonderful patterns. All of the color combinations were beautiful and impeccably matched. Some combinations were muted, others bright and fanciful.

I tried to study and remember them all as they fell. The dream of raining yokes was stopped in its tracks the moment the skein of yarn I’d chosen for the base my “Yolk Pullover” appeared on the floor next to some of the yokes. I probably frowned in my sleep remembering that I had chosen the brown Fisherman’s Wool.

I woke up.

I did not make this up.

Two posts ago (the sweater post) I talked about my Lion Brand Fisherman’s Wool in the dull, dull brown. Well, without discussing my choice with anyone, I've decided use the brown for the Fair Isle ‘Yoke Pullover’ by Charlotte Quiggle. Now I am positive that there are attractive ‘brown’ fair isle sweaters out there so I have the hope that I can work my stuff and make a half way attractive sweater here. I would say that this is a large stashbusting project though.

A blue Cascade Heather, green Cascade 220, Lambs Pride in wine, Fisherman’s Wool and anonymous baby blue wool is what I'm look at so far for the yoke.

I tried to find colors that were directly related to the brown. I didn’t like any of them and I am not going to make the yoke different rustic colors. I thought I’d try to tie in at least one color with the brown to bring the Fair Isle and the base color together. I may take out the Fisherman’s Wool and change it to a heathered tan. I keep telling myself that I will not feel guilty if I don’t tie the brown into my yoke.

The colors aren’t exactly wacky and how many times have we seen Fair Isle projects where the colors were totally unrelated to the main color?

Yoke Pullover on #8 Circulars

I have already started on the body of the sweater. The color here is not accurate; it’s actually less gray and more brown. More of the heather is showing. I’m enjoying knitting this so far. It has been a while since I have worked on a large straight stitched piece. I can take it anywhere; work on it while watching television, talk on the telephone with it. Nice and easy.

Been There Done That…

I have completed 95% of the knitting of my Forest Canopy. It only took about 2.5 days. See!

I was sweating as I knitted the first 10 rows or so in the beginning. Overall, It was not a bad project considering that I don’t really do lace. All of the trepidation I experienced was for nothing. The Forest Canopy is probably a very easy shawl to do.

I hope to have this posted as an FO soon.


Gale said...

Those colours are pretty together. Can't wait to see how it evolves.

Camille said...

Those colors are purdy and match the brown well. I love your Forest Canopy.

kshotz said...

Oh, I love those colors! I wish I'd dreamt about knitting last night....I was trying to get away from a horror film killer who was IN the camper we were driving. (I have NO idea where that one came from and had to laugh when I woke up!)

Kim in IA

urbanknitrix said...

OOOH! I can't wait to see it. I love your colors and am now looking for a Fair Isle project. I think I narrowed it down, but we will see.

The Forest Canopy is moving right along. Good job.

Sheila said...

Those colors will work well with the brown and also add a lil pop. Now if only I could dream about knitting, then I would be able to finish my vest...lol

hakucho said...

I really like the colors you picked out to go with the brown...I think it will make a lovely sweater :)

Cat said...

Looks good so far !

cici said...

I have Forest Canopy on my list♥ I think the colors are great together♥

Anonymous said...