Thursday, June 11, 2009

Love Letters

Dear Gale,

For the life of me, I cannot remember how I came upon your blog over a year ago. Reading your blog has been enlightening and entertaining. I crack up at your very clever articles, your critiques and I love that you (like me) have no qualms about pointing out your own mistakes. Your blog for me is a must-read and your Projects page is a must check whenever I log on. You have proven to be a pal, a strong woman, a trusted friend. We share some of the same family issues which endear you to me even more.

WARNING !!! This woman does a LOT of knitting and very well.

So again, thanks Gale !


P.S. Oh and thank you for the beautiful, beautiful Hand Maiden Camelspin yarn !!! It’s simply luscious!

Dear Mojo,

How have you been and where have you been ? I know that I’ve been busy with my move over the past few weeks and have not spent much time with you. This does not mean that I don’t want and need you. I have not neglected you altogether. I have had occasional moments where I’ve picked up a project for 20 minutes or so. I have given you some of my time. Where are you Mojo? I refuse to believe that you have left me. I’ve heard about this sort of thing where the mojo’s actually pack up and leave. I remember what happened to Cozy last year along with the woes of If Ponies Could Knit and Mandiknits. I’m not giving into this though. No Mojo will ever leave me.

HA! Where are you ?

How about this, we will say that you are feeling neglected and are hiding out. I will give you a bit of time (at least until I get my bedroom unpacked) and I expect to hear from you. I’m not asking for a knitting fever, just a sign. I will settle for the desire to complete a project.
You think about this and remember, I love you and this is your home too.


Dear Family and Friends,

Thank you for your patience and help. What fun we’ve had sipping coffee and eating pound cake among the boxes. I promise that in the months to come, we’ll have a wonderful sit down dinner. That is, as soon as I purchase another dining room table.

To one of my very special pals,
I thank you for your patience. I was listening to your EVERY gripe and hint when you talked about my not giving you the quality time you wanted.
Soon my dear, soon.

Dear Blog-Buddies,

A special thanks to you. I hope to post pictures this month. Yup, right after my Mojo comes back.

I have decorated one guest room.


Gale said...

Wow! It is a privilege to be counted amongst your friends. Thank you for the wonderful compliment Carolyn. I do hope you have something in mind for the Camelspin. It's nice to knit with, that's for sure.

del said...

Poor thing. I understand. I hope your mojo comes back soon!

Ice Princess said...

BIG (((((HUGS)))))) for you I hope you Mojo finds it's way back home soon.. This is a very unique post a very lovely thing to do for your friends and love ones. :o)


Camille said...

I received a post card this past week. Both our mojos are living it up in the Bahamas (for the time being anyway). I love your place.

Knitnut,Karen said...

Love your blog! Hope your "Mojo" gets back soon!

hakucho said...

I've slowed down too in the mojo dept (blogging and knitting) but I don't have a good excuse like you! Hope things settle down for you and your mojo returns soon :)