Wednesday, January 28, 2009

What Mamma Wants...

One of the things I've realized about crafting gifts for folks is that it can develop into an ongoing deal. You can make one-lil-ol-gift for a person that was happy with the calendar or wallet you'd gifted them on previous holidays but all of that changes once the handmade gift is given. After a taste of the handmade, it's gimme, gimme, gimme ! Gimme that handmade gift !

Like the recent big holiday that just passed by, I must have made about 11+ gifts. Family and friends were pleased with what they received but, eventually they could not hold in what they really wanted to ask. You know;

"Oh, Carolyn, this is really beautiful ! Could you make me a brown one ?"
"Wow Carolyn, you've really outdone yourself. I bet this would look really sleek in black !"

See what I mean.

I don't think that my family or friends are ungrateful, I think they just like the idea of having gifts handmade for them. My handmade gifts.

Recently my Mom (in Michigan) was on the telephone with my daughter. I gave Mom the green Debbie Bliss cabled and bobble scarf. She loved it. I even made her a beret to match and am now working on a second hat to match because I recently found out that she doesn't really like or want berets. Even though this is the only type of winter hat I've seen her in since I was a youngster.

My daughter relayed the message that "Grandma" says she wants lots of hat and scarf sets in all styles and colors. My daughter and I looked at each other and burst out laughing. "Wow" was all I said.

I remembered how the last time I'd seen my Mom, she was actually wearing a hat and scarf set that I crocheted about 37 years ago. She has many hat and scarf sets but this is the set she cherishes, the one I gave her when I was a crocheting teenager. Perhaps it held up because it's an acrylic. In any case, she does love it.

My Mom must have wash and dry hat and scarves because she loves using her fairly new washing machine and dryer (a lot). So, I pulled out some Lion Brand Wool-Ease in a denim color and went on Ravelry to pick a pattern. I came across the Greenery Hat by Lilith. How pretty, I thought.

A day or so into it, Mom and my daughter have chatted again (these two are like peas in a pod). My daughter calls me to relay that "Grandma says she doesn't like big ribbed hats because sometimes they are too tight and she doesn't know how much wear she will get out of it."

My only comment was "Wow, I was really enjoying making that hat." It really is a fun pattern. I thought about continuing on and keeping the hat for myself but instead I just took her down and started on the Debbie Bliss Cabled Beret which I found to be as equally enjoyable.

When I spoke to my Mom, I told her I was making her a slouch hat and had to explain it to her. "It's beret like, it hugs like a regular hat but slouches a bit." She told me that as long as it hugs her ears, who cares.

Here is my pal Erin modeling it. I really like it and as I say for EVERY project I do;

"I'm also going to make one for me !"

This picture of Erin enlarged shows the blue and cables really well

I have a few friends that snub Wool-Ease but It's perfect for gifting (and me).

This is a fun and easy pattern but I kept asking myself, why didn't Debbie write the pattern for circulars or dpn's. Does anyone have any idea ?

In any case, I may knit the next one in the round.

Other Knitting...

After drooling over Ravelry FO's of the Celtic Cable Neck warmer, I have finally begun one for myself. Oh, I love it. Just one simple strip of cable. This weekend I shall search for buttons. I have in mind nice wooden ones. We'll see.

I'm making this in the Wool Ease Fisherman's wool. I guess this is just a Lion Brand post today !!!


cathy said...

It's nice that your family members appreciate your hand-made gifts so much (even if they now want more-more-more!) Those are some pretty patterns, too. You may need to make one of each for yourself as well. :)

Gale said...

Oh yeah Carolyn. I sure know what you mean. The same thing happens at my place, especially with the socks.

Love the finished blue hat. The one previous to it as well.

urbanknitrix said...

That blue is pretty. I can't wait to see it finished. I heard before the difference between knitting flat and in the round have to do with drape. Maybe she wanted a more control drape.

I have family member ask me to make them things, but I don't because they want big ticket items and give due dates, like, I want a blanket can you have it done next week. Um, hell no.

Carlene said...

"Oh, Carolyn, this is really beautiful ! Could you make me a brown one ?"

That is so funny. And so true.

Great post. Also, I just made eight (8!)love nugget hats (by request) in Lion Brand wool, and I'm kind of a yarn snob. This stuff is okay!

urbanknitrix, no one ever asks me for a blanket (yet?), and for that I am grateful.

Judy said...

Nice denim slouch hat. Wow, your patience is being tried lately...and I get that kind of 'gimme,gimme' on my job!

Anonymous said...

Maybe that's why I don't often knit gifts! lol. Is Wool-ease machine washable? If it is, I'm going to use that as I can pick it up in my local craft stores. The cable beret is lovely!!

Camille said...

The blue hat is very pretty and looks comfortable. It's always a plus if you don't have to lay it out after washing it.

Kara said...

So funny about the Handmade gifts. You are so generous. I tend to be a very selfish knitter. ;)

Meggie said...

Thanks so much for stopping by Meggie's Stuff. As my mamma would say, "God love you" for first of all being patient enough to make so many gifts but secondly to make more taking into consideration the fine tuning requests. Though I myself do not knit...I've tried but my fingers won't cooperate...I have a few very good friends who are excellent knitters. I think you all are amazing! I also read your post about "ugly" and must say I've heard similar stories from my knitter friends. Hang in there! I'd say you figured her out quite well and have developed a strategy that seems to work.

Theresa said...

I found you! Thanks!
Love, love, love the latest knitting. Now I have to go find the patterns, because I too must have them (read as "pattern hoarder")
btw, I made some handwarmers for a colleague last Christmas, and this year he wanted me to make 11 pairs for his friends. For free. um, NO!

Sheila said...

I so understand the personally-made gifts. I did 12 hat and scarf sets as x-mas gifts and getting the same comments you are I like Wool Ease and used it to make a capelet once. Actually I have 2 balls of cream W E and have it pegged for one of Wendy Bernard hat patterns.

Anonymous said...