Sunday, August 3, 2008

Whaddya Say ? OAYPP !!!

This past week I joined the Ravelympics 2008 and created a little team which Shanta has named Team Overly Ambitious Yet Plausibly Possible (OAYPP).

I solicited just a few Ravelers to join and was successful. A few days later, folks began popping out of nowhere wanting to join in on the fun.

In case you don't know, the Ravelympics 2008 is to be held during the same days as the Olympics 2008. Each person or team working on a project is to cast on during the opening ceremonies of the Summer Olympics and must be finished by the end. So, August 8 through August 24.

Yeah, its' 17 days.

Naw, not too much pressure there...

So far OAYPP is 45 strong and growing. We are;

Del at Cozy's Place
Deborah at Deborah's Daily Dilemma
Angela at Angela's Crocheting Corner
Shanta at Life as I Know
Gale at Gale and The Scale
Tammi at I Might be Wrong
CajTalk at 2Sistahsthatknit
CiCicarry at 2Sistahsthatknit
Deb at Hakucho
DigitalLeaf at DigitalLeaf Studio
Daphney at For the Love of Stitches
Lisa at Knitty Kitty in the Tropics
AnnChie on Ravelry (pyttan)
Tamika at The Crazy Ranter
Amber at Knitted Sisters
Wendy at Knitting Infinity
Nicol at KnitChick
Sunny at Confessions of a Serial Knitter
Kim at Kim's Treasures and Snares
Nilda at Titnil Knits and Other Crafty Things
Monique on Ravelry (Knitdoodle)
La'Keesha at Random Screamers Patterns
Renee at Sassa Nova
Jenn at Guineverefree
Nicole at Nik's knits
Meg at Meg's Garden
Karen on Ravelry (Knutty)
Spiritknit at Spirit Knit
Carine at Rosie Knitted Glasses
Catty at Catty Crocheter
Nashe at A-K-A.....The Twisted Sistah
Traci at Traci Knits
Kathi at Ravelry (Knitnbabe)
Breefree7 on Ravelry
Jen R at A Sheep in Wolf's Clothing
Kim at Adventures of a Busy Mama
Chanda at Chama
Losi0006 on Ravelry
Bee at Muntu Stitches
Melodye at Melodye's Needle Notes
Wendy at Mathiemom Knits

Lilia on Ravelry
Robin at Adventures of the Domestically Disabled
Anastasia as Waenara on Ravelry
and Two Cables (you're already here).

Thank you Angela for all of your FYI's (I really needed those).
Special thanks to Sunny for researching and furnishing us with that tag/thread thing.

Just email me at or Ravel me or Comment on this post if you want to join our team.


hakucho said...

This should be fun :) Good luck to everyone!

Gale said...

I am so disappointed I can't join in on the fun! Looks like a good group. What are you going to make Carolyn?

soknitpicky said...

What a fun name and a great mascot!

del said...

Thanks again for the invite--I'm definitely going to take part in the Mitten Medley (I'm hoping to get the latest VK soon so I can make the cover mittens--brooklyntweed's design!); and maybe the Sock Put, I don't know yet.

Gale said...

Hey - I never even thought I could FINISH something. Sign me up. I will finish the Fratello's. Given my state of commitment to things these days, it will be a big deal.

PS Thanks for the comments. And those dreams were tame.

Camille said...

I am so impressed. This is a real inspiration for me to finish at least one of my works-in-progress.

Deborah said...

ewwwww is that red ant? Ouch!

Melodye said...

Carolyn, I'd love to join. I've got a sweater I need to finish and a tank to get done. I'm laid up with a bum foot, so I have no excuse, right?


digitam said...

Wow, there are a lot of us! Yay! I'm want to finish all my UFO's. Let's see if I can do it. There are 8 things to finish, I believe.

Good luck everyone and thanks for the invite.

urbanknitrix said...

Sounds like a lot of fun. Good luck!!!

Kat said...

Let the games begin! Good luck OAYPP!