Wednesday, January 9, 2019

WIP Wednesday ~ Oldie but Goodie

For my first pair of 2019 socks I've chosen the Fa Fa Fa Socks by Lois Leong.  Hard to believe that this pattern came out in 2009.  I've always loved it but never made them because I didn't want to work cables in the round.  I've graduated in fear and patience years ago and now the Fa Fa Fa Sock is an Easy Peasy in terms of working cables on a sock.  Besides the decision to begin the new year with a cable pattern I also decided that whatever sock patterns I choose this year they're coming from my Ravelry queue.  Not that I don't like any of the newer patterns but most seem to be takeoffs of the older patterns with slight variations.

I received this yarn as a gift last year from a fellow crafter.  It's by Mary Maxim a company that's been around for ages.  I can remember going through the catalogs in the 1980s and 90s.  Many of the items were sold as kits.  I guess they're still around.  The colors in this yarn are absolutely beautiful.   It's Vibrant !

 I guess I'll get back to my knitting and later go through my Ravelry queue to choose old sock patterns.  Afterall, they're the best.

Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Last FOs for 2018

Wow ! 2019 is upon us already and I'm here to send out positive vibes along with Blessings of Success and Restoration.  Speaking of restoration I'm going to grab a bit of that also seeing as I've been Ill the past year and spent more time in the hospital than I wanted.  Much of 2018 was a blur but two things I definitely know.  I have a 3rd grandchild born in September and I didn't get any knitting in this year.  Hardly any in fact but it's all good because I'm feeling up to it and I have goals ! 😎

This is a hat I made for my newest Grand.  It's the Bibbity Baby Hat by Marianna Mel.  I hope the link is working because it wasn't earlier.   In any case the pattern can be whipped up in a day because it's an easy peasy.  The yarn used was Fantasy by Dark Horse Yarns in the colorway Baby Blue on US 6 needles.

My previous post showed these House socks in the WIP stage.  I didn't use a pattern.  The yarn is Patons Kroy in the colorway Cameo on US 2 needles.

Well back to knitting and again
New Year's Blessings to you all !

Saturday, December 15, 2018

Things to Do with Scrap Yarn

I'm loving all of the scrappy yarn socks fellow knitters are making these days.  I have a plan to make a pair but that will be in 2019.  I pulled this scrap of Patons out of my basket in order to make a pair of house socks for my newest granddaughter per the daughter-in-law's request.   I've started the second sock already.

Speaking of grandchildren this photo is of my oldest grand (she's two).  This is her on Thanksgiving admiring the lace on her dress.  She really likes the cables on the cardigan too.  I think we have a future crafter here.
Happy Holidays to Everyone !

Saturday, July 14, 2018

Little FOs and Yarn

I made a promise to myself last year that I wanted to send my Grands a box of hats so they could pick and choose whichever hat matched their mood for the day.  In my head I have a few patterns picked out from cables to fair-isle.  For now I've completed these easy-pass that will have adornments added to the top.

I should be looking at mitten patterns but all I can think about is churning out hats for my babies 

Rustic !

I love, love, love this yarn this yarn !  The vision isn'the clear yet but I see the possibilities of mittens, a cabled hat, scarf, cowl.  Who knows which ?  Should I go through my queue or choose from my new patterns ?  We'll see.  Soon I hope 

Saturday, June 2, 2018

Is it too soon ?

I'm envying the knitters working on their Holiday socks but does that mean they've completed their Fall socks ?  I know it's only June but I have so little time to knit these days I may as well start on Fall socks now.

Just trying to keep up.  Lol

Sunday, April 22, 2018

A New Stitch

I'd been dying to try this stitch for maybe two years.  This is the Raindrop Dishcloth from Yarnspirations.  I would categorize this as an easy-peasy.  The yarn is Lily's and Cream on US 6s.

One of my friends fell in love with this cloth.  We know what she's getting for Christmas...

Saturday, February 3, 2018

Sheilaz Huck

I can't remember who started the conversation but it began on Instagram.  Sheila was admiring the Huckabee I made some I offered to make one for her.  During that time my job went into overtime which gave me little time to knit.  Thank goodness Sheila was patient !  The yarn is Patons Superwash DK in the colorway Claret on US 6s.  Unlike Arbor this yarn is a true DO.  In my opinion this hat works out better in a worsted weight.

She likes her hat !

Enjoy Your Week